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Thursday, January 21, 2021 1:00 am

Rivers receives plaudits from around league

Associated Press

The retirement of Philip Rivers, who had a 17-year NFL career, sparked reaction in the football world. Here's what people had to say and write about the Indianapolis Colts quarterback calling it quits.

Colts owner Jim Irsay: “Without question, Philip Rivers is one of the greatest, and no doubt one of the toughest players to ever play this game. For 16 years wearing Chargers blue, Philip gave the Colts fits, but he was a wonder to watch because of his skill at the quarterback position as well as his undeniable love for the game.

“Even though he wore the horseshoe for only one season, it was a season to remember, and we were fortunate to have his leadership and passion in our building for this part of our climb.”

Bills coach Sean McDermott: “One of the best I've ever been around at that position. I'd put him in the same category as all those elite quarterbacks. Extremely smart. I'm sure there's a lot of defensive coordinators right now around the league breathing a sigh of relief with all respect to what Phil has been able to do, and just the quality of person he is off the field, even when you go against him.”

Texans defensive end J.J. Watt: “I'll never forget lining up for a play and Phil pointing to one of our linebackers and telling him he was lined up wrong based off the blitz we were about to run and being 100% correct about it haha. One of the smartest I've ever played against and a hell of a competitor.”

Colts coach Frank Reich: “Philip is one of the fiercest competitors and most loyal teammates that our game has ever seen. His unwavering conviction as a leader and elite intelligence contributed to his Hall of Fame football career. Philip made our game better and the National Football League was fortunate to have him.”

Former North Carolina State center Jed Paulsen: “Phil was one of the best leaders I've ever been around. He made everybody around him better. When he was in the huddle, we always believed we would win. I'm proud to have been his teammate and even prouder to be his friend.”

Former Giants quarterback Eli Manning: “Congrats to Philip on an outstanding career. It was fun to watch my fellow Qb from 2004 draft class compete these past 17 years. Enjoy the next phase.”

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