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Wednesday, May 11, 2022 1:00 am


GOP deserves blame if abortion rights fall

It sure didn't take long for the political pundits and so-called experts to start looking around for someone to blame for what appears to be the likely demise of Roe v. Wade.

And whom are they blaming? None other than a towering champion of women's rights, Ruth Bader Ginsberg and, by extension, all Democrats for not doing something to stop it. Instead of blaming the five right-wing GOP-appointed justices who are apparently all set to strike down five decades of precedent and slap women's rights back to the dark ages.

The “experts” are engaging in the political version of slut shaming by pointing the finger at a woman who didn't retire and let Barack Obama appoint another liberal to her seat. As if Mitch McConnell would have allowed an Obama nominee to come to the Senate floor for a hearing. Oh, wait, McConnell didn't allow an Obama nominee come to the Senate floor for a hearing.

As with rapists and other criminals everywhere, the blame belongs squarely on the individuals who actually perpetrated the outrage – in this case, the right-wing Christian evangelical GOP, and the spineless whiners and sycophants who vote in lockstep with their repressive, hate-filled agenda.

Candace Schuler

Fort Wayne

Green space clique behind new-jail push

Allen County taxpayers should be extremely wary when the commissioners say nothing has been decided on jail issues. These politicians have to pretend they are doing “due diligence,” especially now that it has been pointed out that an entire floor of the jail has been left unfinished for more than 40 years.

Peek behind the curtain to find the group advocating for hundreds of millions for a new jail. It is not the sheriff whining about how hard it is to control the prisoners at the current jail. It is not a weak federal judge and the jail lawsuit that has been filed. It is the greenspace riverfront development clique pulling the strings.

This group is following a century-old master plan for the riverfront. They have pursued private and public property via your tax dollars to form Headwaters and Promenade parks. These people are experts at spending other people's money for projects they prefer.

The Allen County Jail is next in line for this group. Our current jail ruins the aesthetics of their greenspace, and they are happy to spend $300 million in tax dollars to make it pretty.

Jim Burnham


Issues with trains are nothing new

I wonder whether Mark Hogan (“Hours-long train stop has serious implications,” Letters, May 3) was around 20+ years ago.

Riverhaven was a nightmare at its crossing, with residents and delivery trucks blocked. West Jefferson at Swinney Park? Delays at 6:45 a.m. on your way to work? Taylor Street? Ardmore Avenue? Nuttman? Engle?

I don't know why the railroads get to make the rules. Where is the federal government?


Fort Wayne

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