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Thursday, January 20, 2022 1:00 am


Vaccine foes need better comparison point

Amid a global pandemic, recent rhetoric has sought to make ill-informed comparisons between vaccine mandates and the Holocaust. Vaccine opponents in Indiana have spread misinformation on vaccines, including irresponsible comparisons to Nazi medical experiments. While there may be legitimate debate over whether vaccine mandates work, surely there are better arguments. Such comparisons not only cloud genuine reasons to resist mandates, they dangerously foment Holocaust distortion and denial.

The Nazi perversion of medicine occurred not because it embraced vaccines, but because it enlisted medical professionals to commit atrocities against Jews and others simply because of who they were. One could make historical comparisons between the Holocaust and United States today, but they do not involve vaccines. The gradual and steady stream of falsehoods, distortions and misinformation worked just as well in 1930s Germany to dehumanize targeted groups as they do today in putting public health at risk in 2020s America.

Should Indiana's Republican supermajority pass House Bill 1001 based on accurate and well-informed historical comparisons to the Holocaust, let them do so. If, on the other hand, their best arguments rely on offensive comparisons that trivialize this history and only amplify antisemitic tendencies, then the proponents of this bill should immediately repudiate these comparisons and find better evidence to make their case.

Steve Carr

Fort Wayne

Wording of state law raises hauler questions

The interesting thing about current law for waste management bids is the phrase, “By state law, Indiana municipalities must go with the lowest responsible and responsive bidder.”

Red River seems to be neither. Did the company dupe our city?

Bradley Lilja

Fort Wayne 

Somber anniversary for Azerbaijanis

Today, one of our closest allies, the Republic of Azerbaijan, marks the 32nd anniversary of one of the most heinous massacres committed against its people by Soviet troops. The mass killing of more than 130 civilians in the city of Baku more than three decades ago became the grand event that cracked the foundations of our adversary: the Soviet regime.

To crush the voices of Azerbaijan and suppress the emerging voices of democracy, on the night of Jan. 19-20, 1990, Moscow sent 26,000 Soviet troops to brutally invade Azerbaijan. By the morning hours of Jan. 20, after an armed attack against unarmed people, 140 civilians lay dead on the streets of the city, and more would be killed in the following days.

We must speak out against the Kremlin's war crimes, perpetrated three decades ago, now and in the future.

Naida Khalilova

Fort Wayne

Inspiration for TRF

Here's an idea. This year's Three Rivers Festival's parade grand marshal: Dick Stoner!

Dave Bierbaum

Fort Wayne

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