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Monday, December 06, 2021 1:00 am


Vaccine opposition insult to constituents

As a Republican, I am quite disappointed in the GOP for pushing for restrictions on mandatory vaccinations by businesses.

I believe mandatory vaccinations are a way to protect workers, customers, patients and politicians. Medical advice from national, state and local health officials overwhelmingly states that vaccinations protect everyone.

I have all three vaccinations so far, and I still feel the necessity to mask up in public. I mask up at my job, at the VA Hospital where I volunteer and even at the grocery store.

Open your eyes, senators and representatives: Continue to protect your constituency. I, for one, will consider incumbents' stance on this subject and at the same time consider the stance of any challenger, regardless of political affiliation.

 Irvin Arnold

 Fort Wayne

Sense of insensitivity

Has it occurred to lawmakers (mostly Republican) who are opposing vaccine mandates that this attitude makes them sound like they don't care about the health and welfare of their fellow humans?

Melinda Williams Capozza


Robust discussion must embrace hesitancy

The story Nathan Gotsch shared (“Difficult dinner-table discussions help overcome vaccine hesitancy,” Nov. 21) was certainly tragic. COVID is real and it kills.

Early treatment is of utmost importance. Vaccination may be a choice many make.

However, Gotsch fails to address the breadth of vaccine hesitancy.

The following questions may help the vaccinated person better understand the unvaccinated position:

Have they ever reviewed testimony from those injured following the vaccine?

Have they ever reviewed VAERS reports on potential COVID deaths, hospitalizations, thrombosis, heart attacks? Correlation does not mean causation, but you may notice patterns.

Have they read the research in medical journals on some of the medical conditions showing up after vaccination?

Have they read of well-credentialed doctors who raise concerns about the vaccine?

What everyone needs is full informed consent on all the risks and benefits of the vaccine.

Until we have an environment that fosters a robust exchange of all the facts, we all lose.

To quote Shaun Barcavage, a pro-vaccination nurse practitioner and researcher who has suffered immensely from the government's and drug manufacturers' failure to be transparent on all the potential side effects of the vaccine: “We deserve safe and effective vaccines, but we also deserve an effective and safe government. Right now, I don't think we have either.”

The real discussions we need to be having around the dinner table are about how we change that.

Ann Forti

St. Joe

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