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Sunday, December 05, 2021 1:00 am

Letters to the editor

Lawmakers' moves sure to add to misery

On Nov. 21, I glanced at the lead story about a surprise new pandemic-related legislative bill.

Niki Kelly quoted House Speaker Todd Huston, “Indiana is successfully moving beyond the pandemic, and we've been working collaboratively with our Senate colleagues and the governor on responsibly closing out the state of emergency while protecting Hoosiers from overreaching federal mandates.” I was left to ponder the hubris.

Perhaps Huston and some of his supermajority cohorts somehow have powers for “moving beyond the pandemic” of which I remain unaware ? When I peruse Indiana COVID-19 statistics, I see significant acceleration since August. Does Huston regularly speak with health care professionals who are dealing with the pandemic? Perhaps he could speak with a school nurse or two to get a heaping helping of the hellscape of what responding daily to the scourge of this disease continues to be? Or maybe he believes “moving beyond the pandemic” will magically detach Hoosiers from any behavior responsibilities related to continued spread of the disease and its associated misery and death?

I'm afraid this is another episode of the Indiana legislature, a gerrymandered echo-chamber domination system, demonstrating it does not adhere to the truth. It resents the truth and insulates itself against the truth.

We are not beyond the misery. They are prolonging the pandemic and the economic harm. Turn around, please.

David A. Peppler

Columbia City

South Wayne Avenue a welcoming place

Unless you're already in the neighborhood, you might not know about an overlooked treasure in the 4000 block of South Wayne Avenue.

It's an old streetcar commercial district that has three ARCHie Award-winning commercial buildings and an ARCHie Award-winning house in the same block. In those buildings, we have the only Italian market in town, Antonuccio's; the only quilt restoration shop in town, Born Again Quilts; and the unique, tasty items on the Friendly Fox menu.

Folks are looking forward to the new crystal shop on the block, too. There's still room to grow.

Neighbors love having this at their doorstep. Historic Southwood Park welcomes its new neighbors with gift cards to these eateries. And the block is a centerpiece of the Fairmont and Southwood Park associations during the annual “Holiday Night of Lights” when the whole neighborhood gets in the holiday spirit. Lights shine both literally and figuratively.

It's a great place to live. We're grateful to the business owners and neighbors who choose to make our neighborhood vibrant.


President, Historic Southwood Park Neighborhood Association

Parks department trips will be greatly missed

I have lived in Fort Wayne for 17 years and was so fortunate to take many trips through the parks department throughout the years.

The travel leader, who did a wonderful job, has since retired. A new person was hired, and COVID put a stop to any social activities.

Now things are slowly but surely getting back to business as usual, but I was told after calling the parks department office that they were not doing trips anymore. The program has ended.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who is saddened and disappointed about this abrupt ending of such a successful and wonderful opportunity to travel with friends safely and easily (especially for us senior folks).

I hope there is some way it will come back in the near future.

Until that happens (if it does), I will be staying home wishing I was watching a Cubs game at Wrigley Field instead of on TV. Gone, too, are the Broadway shows I so much enjoy.

It was great while it lasted.

Beth Champion

Fort Wayne

Democracy slipping beyond our grasp

We have lost our democracy and will suffer more in coming years. What used to be a republic is now a corporate dictatorship. Those we have sent to Washington do not care about you and me. All they care about is their corporate bosses and the money they receive to fund their campaigns. Republicans and Democrats, for the most part, are not true to what they used to stand for.

The current administration, though not perfect, has tried to encourage both parties to come together. This won't happen since there are those who believe the last election was stolen. How can anyone who can read and listen to radio and TV not understand that there were numerous court cases, all with the same result: the election was not stolen. With the current language and rallies, and the negative shouts and posters condemning and wanting to “eliminate” all those of a certain party, I am very afraid.

Regardless of our political beliefs, we need to sit down and think about those we are going to elect or re-elect to Congress.

Just because we have been loyal to a party does not mean we have to continue to vote for their candidate.

We should all look closely at what they have contributed to helping us here in Indiana and in the country as a whole.

Just because he or she is in office does not mean they should be returned.

A lot of us vote for the party and not for the person. A close look at their record and questions posed to them should be made when they have a rally. They should be asked to explain whether they will follow party lines or if they will vote in a manner that will be advantageous to all Americans.

Jim Furos

Fort Wayne

Rittenhouse trapped in his personal prison

For whatever reason, the jury chose to find Kyle Rittenhouse not guilty of two murders.

What was a 17-year-old doing in another state, with a gun he should not have had, getting involved in a riot?

There is little doubt he was relieved he is not going to spend the rest of his life in prison. How about the prison he has brought on himself? Unless he has absolutely no compassion for the families left behind, and, perhaps no conscience, he will have to live with the results of his actions for the rest of his life, however long that might be.

May God comfort the people who lost their loved ones.

Don Hicks

Fort Wayne

Opinion pieces offer welcome perspective

We are avid readers of The Journal Gazette, and we wanted to express our gratitude to the following writers.

Carl Peters' “Armed and dangerous” (Nov. 23) did an excellent job with the Kyle Rittenhouse case and, more widely, the issue of gun safety and handling.

This article brought up memories for my husband and me of growing up on farms and experiences with respecting, fearing and handling guns safely – all single-shot, of course.

Kudos to him and The JG for this important piece.

On Thanksgiving Day, the heartfelt Opinion piece by Kevin Ward, “Grateful to be alive,” was a blessing to start our day.

Thank you for bringing the news and issues to us.


Fort Wayne

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