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Friday, December 03, 2021 1:00 am


Newest American 'hero' protecting status quo

A headline asked “Is Kyle Rittenhouse a hero?”  Well, of course he is. After all, violence is the engine that drives America. 

We spend more money on the military than the next 12 nations combined. Warmongers profit most of all.

Kyle waded into this tradition of profiting from misery carrying an AK-15. While he was busy making himself famous by killing two Americans and wounding a third, Pennsylvania state troopers shot and killed a kid around Kyle's age named Christian Hall who had his hands up. Like Kyle, they will receive no punishment.  

The first looter Kyle shot (judge says dare not call them victims) saw a man with a gun and tried to disarm him. The second, seeing an active shooter, went after him with a skateboard with the intent of saving lives. Kyle shot him dead, too. The so-called looters were there to protest the police shooting of a black man named Jacob Blake; he was hit seven times in the back in front of his three children. The protesters he shot, whites named Joseph Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber, upset that a man could be used for target practice by police (who of course were not charged), were called “violent, disgusting dirtbags.”

Kyle Rittenhouse was protecting the freedom to lie, steal, exploit and kill and be rewarded for it. Those who achieve this dream of unlimited power will deal with any perceived threats harshly.  And those who defend it are heroes.   

Provide national health care, a living wage, housing for all, put restrictions on guns, punish Kyle, punish the cops, punish greed, and the warmongers won't be getting their money.

Then where would the country be?

Terry Doran

Fort Wayne

Politics as usual leaving public at risk

There is no excuse for any legislators to hinder businesses from attempting to follow prudent guidelines to protect public health. Thanks to our governor and others, we have, to date, done a decent job of at least attempting to limit the extent of the pandemic. Now is not the time to let our guard down.

As in past examples, several GOP legislators seem to be in the pockets of the good ol' boys when it comes to virtually anything related to protecting the environment and public health. However, there are some of us in the GOP who remain pro-environment and pro-public health, and we view the GOP's good ol' boys' current vaccine mandate-limiting proposal as another attempt to see just how far they can extend the pandemic and at the same time suck up a few more votes from the misguided.

We should not be surprised by the late-game shenanigans of these “champions” of backroom politics.

Terry Smith


Many helped in making Adoption Day special

Shout out to Judge Lori Morgan, Magistrates Sherry Hartzler and Beth Webber and their amazing staffs in appreciation for their support of National Adoption Day in Allen County. Thank you to the following groups that sponsored and/or participated in the celebration:

Great Kids Make Great Communities, Indiana Adoption Program, Three Rivers Visiting Dogs, Going Through Ministries, Hands of Hope, SAFY, Fort Wayne TinsCaps, Allen County Department of Child Services, CASA, Project Linus, Jockey Being Family, and Shindigz Personalized Party Supplies.

Special thanks is owed to all the foster parents who open their hearts and homes to provide a permanent loving home for children in our community. You are special!

Andrew M. Goeglein

Fort Wayne

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