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Saturday, October 16, 2021 1:00 am


Wrong lessons from COVID battle

The revelation of Sen. Dennis Kruse of Auburn recently contracting COVID and nearly dying shows, in essence, his lack of the value of life.

Has he given any consideration to the health care team at his side, fighting to keep him alive for 10 days in the intensive care unit? What risks the health care providers endured, the anxiety of his loved ones keeping vigil, and an unnecessary health care expense (paid by taxpayers) only because he chose not to be vaccinated?

This would be the ideal time to proclaim to those he serves to get vaccinated as a result of his near-fatality. But what Kruse is pontificating now is that when he fully recovers, he will promote a bill in the legislature requiring that vaccination mandates not be put into practice.

Such a shallow gesture shows his lack of appreciation for his recovery and the team that saved him. Furthermore, the suffering he endured, it seems, means nothing to him or the pain he inflicted on others. In short, it appears to me that Kruse is value blind and lacks virtue. Such a sad scenario from one expected to lead.

Tony Henry

Fort Wayne

Preaching to the choir sometimes necessary

In many ways, Abe Schwab's contribution to the Oct. 8 Opinion section, “Righteous anger,” was a message to the choir.

As a retired pastor who knows something about such things, I have come to realize that the choir is not exempt from the truth.

Alva Hohl


Selfless daughter coping with adjustment

Many, many thanks to Monika Clemente, whose mother, Annie Kovacs, died Sept. 29 in Columbia City.

Monika and her mother resided in the Quail Ridge senior apartment building in Columbia City, with Monika caring for her mother 24/7 and being the “go-to girl” for everybody in the unit.

Monika gave of herself, asking for nothing in return.

We in the senior building are now helping her adjust to finding work to pay her bills and being alone.

She is a wonderful mother and great lady, and we thank her for her support.

John G. Myers

Columbia City

Options besides ban

Kathleen Kearns apparently is not fond of the “Diamond Lil” strip, among other expressed opinions in her Oct. 7 letter. Does she patronize restaurants she does not care for? Are there authors she does not read because of subject or style?

As I see it, she has a couple of choices. 1) Get The Journal Gazette to run its comic strip choices through her before they are published or 2) (I know this is old fashioned) just don't read that particular comic strip.

Robert Holland


Diamond Lil lets seniors laugh at selves

Really, folks. It's a blanking funny comic strip. I feel some kinship with it.

Good lord, go out in any venue and watch how us old folks look and react; it's hilarious and Diamond Lil is closer to reality than you might want to admit.

It represents daily living to an extent.

We should all be able to laugh at ourselves. To say that it oppresses the elderly is ridiculous.

Get a life, folks.

Bill Oberg

Fort Wayne

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