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Tuesday, October 12, 2021 1:00 am


VA staffs tend to all patient needs

When I was released from active duty from the United States Army in 1967, I was advised by older veterans to avoid medical care at any VA hospital. The common thought was that care from  VA hospitals was substandard care. I want to go on record as stating that you cannot receive any better care than you get from the VA hospital system in Indiana.

Since 2010, I have been both a patient and outpatient at VA hospitals in Marion and Fort Wayne. Also, I have received treatment and care at Roudebush VA Medical Center in Indianapolis. I could not have asked for more courteous care anywhere on the face of this earth.

The staff at all three of these facilities are kind, courteous and caring professionals. I especially want to mention the nurses and doctors of the chemotherapy/oncology clinics of the Fort Wayne facility. The staff there are truly angels on earth.

Any medical concerns I have ever had have been promptly and courteously taken care of and any questions answered.

The directors of these facilities can be very proud of their staff; they are all true professionals.

Larry Gordon Jenks


Where's Waldo? approach lets people keep dying

In dealing – or better yet not dealing – with the COVID crisis here in Indiana, it's sort of like playing Where's Waldo?

We know there's a crisis because the numbers keep rising, but nobody in authority talks about it anymore. The news blurts out the numbers every night like they are shouting out bingo numbers, then there's nothing. There's no winner!

Like in Where's Waldo, where are these people?

One statement that comes to mind for me is from the movie “Jaws”: “I believe you're going to ignore this particular problem until it swims up and bites you in the ass!”

Typical Republican thinking: Power over people. They should all be ashamed that so many people have and continue to die on their watch. It all disgusts me.


Fort Wayne

Comic strip guilty of ageist stereotyping

I would like to second Kathleen Kearns' concerns about the “Diamond Lil” comic strip (Letters, Oct. 7). I find its depiction of aged persons to be most reprehensible. In an era when informed persons are to take measures to avoid expressing racist or sexist views, why must we elderly persons be oppressed with this kind of ageism?

Larry Augsburger


Comic good for laughs; we could use more

An Oct. 7 letter from a “Diamond Lil” cartoon naysayer stated, “It's not funny.” I disagree. It's one of my favorites.

So much so that I clip out cartoons that make me laugh out loud and glue them in a scrapbook for another good laugh on a future day. “Diamond Lil” is often among those clipped and saved. My vote: keep it, it's even based on a Hoosier setting.

We all need to learn to laugh at ourselves more. Diamond Lil is old, like me, and I relate, and it's just wrong to equate her antics with the controversy and troubles of the world and America. Do not dump “Diamond Lil”; keep her rolling, bringing on the smiles.

Alan Daugherty


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