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Sunday, October 10, 2021 1:00 am

Letters to the editor

Parents' shameful actions embarrassment at NACS

It's a real shame the way Northwest Allen parents act toward school board members and students.

I live in the district and my kids went to school here, and I am ashamed for them. Shame on every one of them. Don't they care the administrators are doing this for the safety of their kids and that's the only reason?

We are all concerned about kids being safe. We don't allow guns, drugs, knives, etc. into the schools for the safety of our children.

I just can't comprehend what is the big deal about wearing a mask for eight or nine hours a day to possibly save your life? How is that such a huge inconvenience that these parents want to show up at the meeting and threaten people? I just don't get it.

I'll bet if you ask the kids if they mind wearing the masks, they'll say they don't care: 100% it's the parents getting all riled up. The moms and dads are the real problem, as we all know. Same thing when I coached baseball – Junior didn't care one way or another whether he played in the field or not. Or whether we won or lost. All he wanted to do was hang out with his buddies and get a free soda after the game (maybe y'all should give these parents pacifiers to suck on at the meetings to appease them).

Anyhow, I just cannot make sense out of it and I'm sure ashamed of these people who stir up trouble. Stay home and leave the administering/teaching etc. to the pros. Nobody is hurting because they have to wear a mask. Go do your job and let them do theirs. Calm down; this will pass.

No wonder they won't let y'all into the meetings, the way you act! Good for the administrators and school board for sticking to their ethics.

Jack Rhoades

Fort Wayne

Opportunity to be heard promotes better understanding

I would like to reply to “Commissioners ponder public comment ban (Oct. 2).”

 Due to the pandemic, our country is living through a trial most of us have not experienced before. Because of that, as Commissioner Rich Beck stated, many have strong feelings.

There are many who feel that they have not had a chance to be heard.

People have felt that much of the media narrative has primarily been one-sided and has led to policies that are not reflecting a broader narrative on various pandemic issues.

This was one of the main points in my comments to the board.

If the board's response is to consider stopping public comments, that may be the antithesis of what the community needs.

The ultimate goal of the many public board meetings is to build trust. And to do that, we all need to be flexible in our policies, so people can feel heard.

Sometimes we all just need a few extra minutes to be heard. It can make all the difference in leading to a positive outcome. What we certainly do not need is to be not heard at all. And I make that plea to the Allen County Commissioners.

 The reason I attended was because a friend asked if I would consider making a public comment. It took me about five hours to take nine months of material and put it into just a few minutes. I also checked the board's website for comment guidelines and did not find any.

I commend the board for letting me finish. I recognize that my determination for disseminating information needs to be balanced with temperance. (Later in the day, I sent an email to the board members thanking them for letting me finish. I assured them that if I were ever to attend another meeting, my comments would follow the rule.)

Perhaps we can start building trust and learn something from one another as we each listen more.

Ann Forti

St. Joe

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