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Sunday, September 19, 2021 1:00 am

Letters to the editor

Noting an odd irony in health-issue positions

This was passed on to me by a good friend: Many of the same people who are pro-life regarding abortion are the same ones who are pro-choice when it comes to getting a COVID vaccine.

Jeff Olsen

New Haven

Headwaters Park example argues against Promenade

When Headwaters Park was built, it was proclaimed as a lasting legacy to the community. Portions are now covered in weeds, the splash pad needs an overhaul, and other amenities wither on the wine.

Phase II of Promenade Park is in direct competition with Headwaters Park. As Headwaters gets ready to turn 30, except for a skating rink and summer festivals, it is vacant. Is Promenade Park so crowded an expansion is necessary? I would say no.

This moneymaking opportunity with tax dollars needs to be put on hold. Clearly, Promenade Park is not regularly filled to capacity and with Headwaters Park empty, the interest has peaked.

Meanwhile, as this investor boondoggle continues, several neighborhoods go without proper care. Curbs painted yellow or selected streets with saplings hardly qualify as neighborhood maintenance. Headwaters Park sits mostly empty during the year now as its 30 year anniversary approaches. What happens in 30 years with a rundown Promenade Park and a concrete river corridor in horrible disarray?

When considering use of Legacy Fund dollars, members of City Council said they may not even be seated when the result is known. Will they take personal responsibility if overkill destroys the intention?

We need riverbanks. We need a natural ecosystem for the rivers. We do not need miles of concrete so people spend additional dollars on food trucks now and abandon it in 30 years like Headwaters Park.

Fix what you have now and enjoy the new downtown addition. Don't go crazy building something that a community except for a few will discard over time. Headwaters Park is already being ignored.

David L. Nichols

Fort Wayne

Young athlete inspiration for others with disabilities

I wanted to thank Blake Sebring, the author, and staffers at The Journal Gazette who determined the story about Cami Wood (Sept. 12) was newsworthy. Cami is a student at Blackhawk Christian and an 11-year-old athlete who competes in various sports, including Wildcat Baseball and events at Turnstone.

Not only was the article inspirational (hearing about Cami's adjustment to being differently abled after having one of her legs amputated at age 7), it was also heartening to read the comments by her mother, whose support of Cami was quite moving.

Best of all, Cami serves as a role model for other amputees she competes with, many of whom are 20 or more years older. Cami believes there is always something different and possibly fun to try, ending with words of wisdom, “Honestly, if you are an amputee, don't give up.”

Blackhawk Christian Ministries and the Wood family are to be commended for raising such a fine young woman. And thank you, Turnstone, for continuing to provide opportunities for all of us with disabilities.

Laurie Smiley

Fort Wayne

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