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Tuesday, September 14, 2021 1:00 am


Betting-service ads meant to get people hooked

Enough is enough! I'm complaining about the excessive advertising for sports betting.

I only watch television after 6 p.m., but every other commercial is about this and I mute the ad. I'm muting constantly.

Smoking cigarettes is legal, but we were able to stop the tobacco industry from advertising on television to get new recruits.

We need to do the same with sports betting advertising for the same reason.

If you want to bet, do it with family and friends, not companies that want to get you hooked.

Ann Zepke

Fort Wayne

Pickleball problem only growing worse

Since my July 13 op-ed (“Too few courts leave players in a pickle”), I've written my local city councilman, with no response, so I wrote all the City Council members regarding overcrowding at the pickleball courts. Tom Didier was the only person to write back with concern and offering alternative solutions.

I recently went to play with my wife and a few others, finding now we have to get to the court at daybreak so we can get some uninterrupted time with like-skilled players. To my surprise, also at daybreak, a group who normally play at Indian Trails were there to do the same, stating their courts are getting grossly overcrowded as well.

This same day, when everyone else started coming in (around 9 a.m.), I noticed at least 10 new faces – adding more congestion to the already-overcrowded courts. There were four permanent courts plus the temporary court open but three teams in the queue again. The tennis court next to us went unused the entire time. To use this one tennis court alone could potentially add four  more courts to the current complex.

I left early, preferring not to wait in line for 20 minutes for the next game. On my way home, I drove by Lakeside Park. Guess what? Three tennis courts with no one, and one court with a sagging net in disrepair.

We have the facilities to expand this sport without taking away from the other sport.

All you pickleball or would-be pickleball players need to get on board. The city can simply ignore my rants as one person discontent with the status quo. If others jump on board, write the mayor's office, write the director of the Parks and Recreation Department and write your City Council member, then they may start to realize there is a basis for my letters.

We've presented the problem; we've offered solutions. We just need Parks to take some action.

Don Ogle

Fort Wayne

Columnist's opinions based on assumptions

Op-ed columns are just that – opinions quite often based on assumptions.

Perry Shilts' op-ed column of Aug. 26 has a low opinion of Jim Banks based on assumptions he makes of Banks' agenda.

Shilts also has an arrogant low opinion of the “white, rural, religious Republicans” whom he assumes are Banks' base.

I would like to remind Shilts that those white, rural, religious and, may I add, intelligent, hard-working people produce and transport, at great economic risk, food for his table.

This is not just my opinion or assumption. As an accountant, I know it as fact.

Linda J. Kirby

Fort Wayne

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