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Thursday, September 09, 2021 1:00 am


Opioid claims demand further investigation

I applaud the wisdom and courage of our Allen County commissioners, Richard Beck, Therese Brown and Nelson Peters, to opt out of a national settlement for opioid addiction damages with a limited number of responsible parties.

There are likely more responsible corporate pharmaceutical companies that manufactured opioids. Also responsible are members of the Sackler family who, as a group and individually, received billions of dollars from the sale of opioid drugs. That money received by the family members is reliably reported to be deposited off shore and beyond the reach of creditors, namely, opioid addiction victims, both governmental units and individuals.

For more than 50 years, my practice of law mostly involved processing claims for damages.

I know there are an ample number of qualified legal experts in Allen County and the city of Fort Wayne for legal research, advice and services to develop and process these claims for damages. It should be done.

Sherrill Wm. Colvin

Fort Wayne

Red River customers should receive rebates

I started keeping track each time I must call 311 because Red River does not pick up our garbage and/or the recycling in our addition.

I believe it's time City Utilities takes responsibility and pays a late fee to customers.

I called 311 on these dates: June 11, July 10, Aug. 6 and Aug. 21.

I believe the same rate should be paid to the customer as the late fee the utility expects from the customer.

In my case, my bill states the utility wants $4.34 if the payment is late.

This should be paid in cash to the customer, not a credit each time Red River fails to pick up.

James R. Stahl

Fort Wayne

Doctor's maskless moment not front-page news

The fact that state health commissioner Dr. Kristina Box attended a family wedding and was caught not wearing a mask should not be front-page news. Wearing a mask in a school or work setting is different than private functions that allow individuals to evaluate risks ahead of time.

Public officials who want common sense and science to guide us through the pandemic deserve our support, not a spotlight on their private lives. This type of article makes it harder for those in the public eye to speak up about the right way to act.

The current climate will lead caring individuals to avoid public service. And whom will we be left with? Opportunistic fools who will guide us off of a cliff with their arrogant, self-serving ways.

Tamzin Cheshire

Fort Wayne

History of Taliban suggests brutality to come

What we will see, whether we want to believe it or not, is the beheading of Americans left behind, especially professing Christians. We've seen this in the past from the Taliban. What makes us think they won't do the same thing again?

They will extort extreme amounts of money from the U.S. government to release our citizens or threaten to publicly execute them.

Prove me wrong if you can.

Richard Burridge

Fort Wayne

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