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Monday, July 19, 2021 1:00 am


Neglected-puppy story highlights shelter efforts

The news has been filled with the story of the abandoned, emaciated, 10-month-old puppy. It's so sad that after so much loving care by Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control staff that he died. He deserved a better life, even though he was just an animal.

As a citizen, I was touched by the report Holly Pasquinelli gave regarding the pain the Animal Care & Control staff deals with in these situations. The compassion and care the staff gives animals is one of dedication and service.

The word “shelter” means “to give refuge.” Our shelter turns no animal away. As a city department, it takes in and has to deal with injured, abused, sick, healthy or abandoned animals.

The sadness of the recent “skinny puppy” story is only one of many difficult decisions the staff makes frequently. We hear of some stories but most are quietly handled by shelter staff as best they can. Some situations end up as heartbreakers and some animals are adopted by good, caring people.

People can help the shelter in many ways. Enforce spaying and neutering. Too many animals are abandoned or turned in as unwanted. Legislate and prosecute abuse cases. Abuse of animals often leads to human abuse. You can also:

• Adopt – give a pet a forever home

• Foster – give an animal a chance for life

• Donate – the Angel Fund is used to help sick and injured animals who would otherwise be euthanized

The staff at Animal Care & Control are kind, caring people. The volunteers give of their time and talent for animal welfare. Bless all the people connected with the shelter in all capacities for the difficult and often-painful job they do.

My husband and I own two shelter dogs, and we have fostered 150-plus dogs and cats over the years. I am proud to have served the shelter for more than 21 years as a volunteer and adoption counselor.


Fort Wayne

Cowardly Democrats cut and run in Texas

Texas Democratic politicians have added a new definition to the saying “my way or the highway.”

Unable to deal with, discuss or even debate the issue of an upcoming vote they took “to the highway” to stop a vote.

They fled to their safe space, Washington D.C., rather than do the job they were elected to by follow Democrats.

Cowards all.

They are a disgrace to their Texas heritage and their Alamo ancestors.

They should be removed from office and their taxpayer salary stopped immediately by the voters who elected them.

Is this the true face of the Democratic Party? Cut and run when you don't get your way.

Stephen R. Jahrsdoerfer

Fort Wayne

Only a partial pickup

Hey, Red River: Thank you for not missing us this time, but could you take all my trash next time?

Andrew Alexander

 Fort Wayne

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