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Saturday, June 05, 2021 1:00 am


Improved signage could aid access onto I-69

After a lot of thought and plenty of disappointment, I've given up on figuring out world peace, and probably how to handle a pandemic as well. But there are easier problems that we know how to solve, and I want to tackle one of those now.

Specifically, I'm talking about the interchange between Interstate 69 and West Jefferson Boulevard. Many years ago, that interchange was upgraded significantly, eliminating left turns onto the freeway. But in my daily travels, I still see dozens of cars, not to mention semis and other large vehicles, positioned in the far left lane for freeway access, only to realize at the last minute that they need to be two lanes to the right, regardless of whether they intend to go north or south on I-69.

Eastbound traffic on Jefferson (U.S. 24) has a large informational sign one mile before the interchange, and another at one-half mile, but neither one informs drivers that they will need to be in the right lane. Only when one is close enough to see the final signs at the interchange is it clear that anyone hoping to enter the freeway needs to be in the right lane.

I'm proposing that the advance information signs also clarify that access will be to the right. That may be a departure from interstate system signage standards, but I'm sure there are examples out there of signs that give that badly needed piece of information. I'm equally sure that there are other examples of this same problem across Indiana, and probably across the country. We know exactly how to fix it, so let's do it.

Richard B. Hatch

Fort Wayne

GOP's fade is obvious from the top down

It is past time to call out the pampered non-leaders and clowns who keep spreading outrageous lies.

Locally, we have someone who cannot deal with the reality that people in charge are doing what is best for everyone, not just her selfish interests. Apparently Lisa Bobay-Somers believes we should ignore what is best for all and not interfere with her beliefs. I have friends in the Northwest Allen administration, and they are tired of all the whining. The leaders who got us out of this mess don't need hangers-on like her to keep stirring the pot. 

On a state level, we have Rep. Jim Banks and Sens. Todd Young and Mike Braun, who are supposed to be our leaders and think kissing Donald Trump's ring will benefit them in the party. Banks keeps telling us the Republican Party is for the working man. This from a party that has dominated the state as a suppressor of unions and wages.

On a national level, the Republican Party understands it is on the ropes – no vision and no direction. The only way the Republicans can ever compete is to change the rules.

Once the Democrats get the party involved in local elections and rid the states of Republican domination, you may never see another Republican president. A third party may enter the fray during this change.

White dominance and economic power is fading, and the Republicans know it. Diversity is on the rise, and the disparity in income is fast fading also. Once the playing field is more level,  deadbeats like Mitch McConnell, Josh Hawley, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Matt Gaetz, Kevin McCarthy, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio will be sent home where they belong and we can move on as a nation.

George D. Smith

New Haven

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