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Sunday, May 02, 2021 1:00 am

Letters to the editor

New law likely to be narrowly interpreted

In a legislative session “highlighted” by some of Indiana's “noble” lawmakers engaging in racist taunting, it's not surprising that one of its “accomplishments” was a bill allegedly designed to protect “monuments” and enhance penalties for “rioting.”

While these motivations appear laudable in theory, in reality the following is almost certain to occur: The definition of “monuments” will only include those that celebrate white supremacy, slavery and the genocide of Native Americans and ignore those that honor civil rights icons or groups such as Black Lives Matter. The definition of “rioting” will only apply to those struggling against racial injustice, and not the actions of Trumpian-style insurrectionists, whom many of Indiana's Republican “lawmakers” feast upon for votes.

David R. Hoffman

South Bend

Church, state separation befouled by vouchers

I respectfully disagree with Paul Dancy's March 5 letter (“Education's radical drift makes vouchers essential”). Lawmakers fail to listen and recognize that one size fits all doesn't work well for college prep and trade schools.

This great country has retained superpower status for generations thanks to the education public schools have overwhelmingly provided. Notably, many Republican legislators have been solely enticed to criticize Democrats when making laws, especially under the cloak of one-issue voters' demands for special funding provisions such as the most recent proposed changes to the voucher plan. The majority of Hoosiers find this discriminatory because of the unwillingness of accountability. 

Taxpayers are not interested in how supermajority parties cave on separation of church and state at the expense of educating their children. Private and religious schools have survived because of the committed sacrifice by the members, not the government. The government has no responsibility to fix the trust people have lost toward an institution they themselves perpetrated.

The reprehensible damage Republican representatives have caused taxpayers and lack of respect toward professional educators at all levels are irresponsible at best. Vouchers were started using the poor as the reason for their existence; now vouchers steal from the people who need them most and give to the schools that can no longer expect the sacrifices that were once made on their members' behalf in effect causing their dwindling membership to defund their schools.

Consistent and willing lawyers, courts and legislators who respect and understand separation of church and state will hopefully reunite this country and value public trust ahead of party politics.

Stephen Gerdom

Fort Wayne

A heartfelt CHEERS to Aging & In-Home Services, the Better Business Bureau, COSS (Council on Senior Services), Canterbury School, New Tech Academy, Passage Wealth, Gruden Law and many other community members/organizations who supported the 11th Annual Ombudsman Pajama Drive. We were able to serve more than 800 nursing home neighbors with a new pajama or gown – this is our biggest drive yet! We are so thrilled to be able to serve in this way - with such an overwhelming amount of support from this great community. Thank you for letting our nursing home neighbors know that they matter, too.

Aisha R. Arrington

Executive director 

Long Term Care Ombudsman Program of Northeast Indiana

Surprises aplenty at birthday dinner

Two servers recently serenaded us with “Happy Birthday” at Smoky Bones when we were celebrating my 92nd birthday recently.

After we enjoyed a delicious dinner, we were told: “No charge.” Someone had paid our bill.

I cannot express how that made me feel.

It was the best “feed good” birthday I ever had.

Thank you to the secret someone so giving.

Virginia Huguenard

Fort Wayne

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