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Saturday, May 01, 2021 1:00 am


Indiana GOP members flouting election laws

Under Indiana Code, candidates for statewide office are prohibited from soliciting or accepting campaign contributions in odd-numbered years from the start of the budget session until that session is adjourned. This law helps prevent corruption of the budget process via campaign contributions.

On April 26, Holli Stevens, who was appointed secretary of state in March, willingly and publicly broke this law. In a Facebook post, she announced her candidacy for this office in 2022, providing web links for soliciting and accepting contributions. (The other declared GOP candidate, Diego Morales, did the same thing.)

Perhaps such an obscure law has no tangible effect on your daily life. However, this is the person who helps draft election law and is charged with upholding fair elections and legislative processes. Given these responsibilities, Stevens cannot legitimately claim ignorance – as such, this is yet another example of the Indiana GOP running roughshod over the state it controls by supermajority. They hope you do not notice, and even more that you do not care.

This is the Indiana GOP, and it is time we elected someone other than a Republican to police the Republican monopoly.

Eric L. Allen

Morgan County Libertarian Party

NACS board members show unfitness to serve

While the debate about masking Northwest Allen students is what brought me to write, it is not going to be the focus of my comments. This debate has “unmasked” a much larger problem.

The NACS board should serve all students and staff. I don't believe right now it is. Some members have chosen to share their own personal opinions and beliefs using their platform and position of perceived power, which is dangerous and a gross misuse of their elected positions.

At the April 21 work session, I believe the comments by board member Steve Bartkus about his belief that gay people can choose their sexuality were in violation of the NACS anti-harassment policy.

Some people might say it was a botched analogy; I say no way. What does being gay even have to do with the debate on masking? It's so utterly absurd that the only conclusion is that Bartkus' personal opinions and beliefs are getting in the way of his ability to govern. Bartkus apologized if he “offended anyone” but did not apologize for his statements, which isn't an apology at all.

Bartkus has been seen and heard making these statements on our local news channels, radio programs, newspapers, Twitter, Facebook and someone even made a Tik Tok video. What an embarrassment to the entire NACS community.

Three of the four other board members made a joint statement condemning the comments made by Bartkus – with one glaring hole. Kent Somers, president of the board, did not join in publicly condemning the statements. Then again, Somers has his own agenda and is misusing his platform of perceived power as well to share his anti-vaccination and anti-mask views at all of the recent board meetings and work session. What a horrible misuse of their positions.

Bartkus and Somers are unfit to serve all NACS students and staff. They must both resign now.

Sarah Bridgwater

Fort Wayne

Threefold return on a kind gesture

Thanks to the generous couple who paid for our dinners at Zianos.

My son-in-law took his mother, two of his children and me out after Saturday evening mass. We were all surprisingly delighted to hear our dinners had been paid for.

Be assured one kind and generous gesture will be forwarded times three.

Patricia Davidson

Fort Wayne

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