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Friday, April 30, 2021 1:00 am


Grilling city government proves most unsatisfying

I recently purchased a new gas grill, so I needed to dispose of my old one. I placed it at the curbside on trash pickup day, and expected it to be picked up the next day as part of the bulk waste pickup program. It was still there three days later.

What I found out during that time frame was that our local government somehow concluded it is not its job to pick this up under the bulk disposal program. In my view it is inconsistent for them to take that position.

They will take an old couch, which requires two people to pick up and does not contain any toxic materials. Same as my poor old grill.

I would also like to share my experience dealing with various parts of our local government. On the 311 web portal, I reported that my grill had not been picked up. They closed my case without communicating with me. On a 311 phone call, they said grills are not picked up because someone left a hot grill at curbside for pickup. Really? Think about what it would take for that to happen. On a call to the mayor's office, my complaint was duly logged with no possibility of any feedback to me.

What am I to do? Rent a truck and take it to the dump myself? Take the cheap way out and throw it in a ditch somewhere and let the local government pick it up from there? Has our local government eliminated customer service and lost any common sense?

John Gibson

Fort Wayne

VA hospital stay helps wounds beyond physical

Recently I went to the Fort Wayne VA hospital emergency room with symptoms of a possible heart condition. The care I received was immediate and top notch.

After being admitted, I was pleasantly surprised how nice the room was. The best part was the care I received from doctors, nurses and technicians. So many thanked me for my service!

It wasn't until I came home that I realized how much this experience, 52 years after my tour in Vietnam, was healing some invisible wounds I still carried. Thank you to all I encountered.

May all veterans find this a healing place to feel welcomed as I did.

Carl Chalk

Columbia City

Welcome break from news

Thank you for the front-page photograph of the 3-year-old boy at the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo (April 23) and for on most days showing a wonderful, happy, peaceful event. It is a terrific boost to my day! Makes me almost able to read and digest the rest of the daily news. Please keep it up.

Barbara Ehrhardt


Link in chain of kindness

My daughter, two grandsons and I recently went to Pizza Hut for dinner. While waiting for our dinner to be served, a very nice lady approached our table, laid a gift card down and said “random act of kindness.” We were very surprised and would like to thank her very much. Her random act will be paid forward. 

Vicki Hertenstein

Fort Wayne

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