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Thursday, April 08, 2021 1:00 am


Special birthday treat

I celebrated my 96th birthday on Palm Sunday. I had a surprise of a lifetime!

I would like to thank my church, Emanuel Lutheran Church of New Haven. Thanks to the Ladies' Auxiliary Post 330. Special thanks to the New Haven Fire Department. A special, special thanks to all my friends, my neighbors and my loving family.

Although the weather turned out to be cold and wet, you were all here to show me so much love.

Helen Miller

New Haven

NACS rightly stands for everyone's safety

The news recently highlighted a parent-led protest at a Northwest Allen school board meeting. My children attend elementary school in this district.

Throughout this continuing COVID-19 pandemic, staff at NACS have done everything humanly possible to support our children and families. They have protected our children and helped them feel comfortable in a chaotic time. I thank the NACS staff from the bottom of my heart for all their work.

I have always felt that teachers and nurses are kindred spirits. This past year has shown that to be true. During the darkest days of the past year, teachers sent the nurses food and cards from students to cheer us up. Hospitals displayed cards in the hallways, and it was one of the few sights that would lift the spirits of the health care team. I want to put out a collective call for support for these teachers and staff who continue to support all of us.

As parents, we all know we have to take certain actions we may not like to be safe. We wear seat belts in the car, we wear a helmet on a bike ride, and we wear a mask during a pandemic. Teachers and staff at NACS are being mistreated and intimidated because of the recent actions of the NACS Unmask movement. As parents, neighbors and decent humans, I ask everyone to stand up and support NACS in continued masking.

The masks have been proven to work by data we have all seen. I'm sure many parents can confirm that this past year our children had fewer sick days. The masks are working to protect our children and teachers.

We are so close to the end of this pandemic. We just need to hold on, support each other and keep safety measures that work, like wearing a mask a little bit longer.

Stephani Schultz

Fort Wayne

Ballet enjoyable despite disruptors

Spring has again been ushered in by an exquisite performance of the Fort Wayne Ballet. “Tchaikovsky Enchanted” was truly masterful. The quality of performance is such an extraordinary opportunity for our community.

We are in a disappointing era. So much that is especially valuable is under attack. To have this level of artistic endeavor during a period of bleakness between the pandemic and cancel culture mind control is such a pleasure.

If you have never attended the ballet, seek out future opportunities. You will not be disappointed.

Karen Gibbons-Brown and Jim Sparrow are such a talented team, and we are the beneficiaries of their gifts. Thank you to them and the talented dancers and gifted behind-the-scenes staff who produce the costumes and sets and perform the technical tasks.

To those who were in front of me and on either side who could not stop from getting out their phones and turning them on during the magnificent Sleeping Beauty waltz, shame on them. How selfish, rude and what a mood disrupter. What was so important that this “sophisticated” patron group felt the urgent need to turn on their brightly lit phones?

Please rethink your performance behavior.

Maggie Vegeler

Fort Wayne

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