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Wednesday, April 07, 2021 1:00 am


Respect paramount as mask mandate relaxed

As Indiana's mask mandate is loosened, please keep in mind that not all businesses will be following suit.

Please be respectful of individual mask policies and don't take your frustrations out on employees. In most cases, they aren't the ones making the decisions, and it does no good to vent your anger at them.

Instead, contact the company directly or shop somewhere else. Many of these employees have not had the opportunity to receive a vaccine yet (it could take a couple of months until they are fully vaccinated) and they are trying to keep themselves, their families and their customers safe.

Please be respectful to all, no matter your personal beliefs.


Fort Wayne 

Time at hand to deal with gun violence

The time has come.

From a vicious stream of murderous acts and the horror of school shootings and now the spectacle of gun-laden atrocities in Boulder and Atlanta, America has and continues to struggle with curbing mass gun violence.

Some in leadership in Washington, D.C., and at state levels have called for significant new gun-control legislation. And, almost without exception, these efforts have failed.

Aside from all the bitter partisan wrangling and heated rhetoric, there indeed remains a fervent desire to have our leaders engage in formulating concrete affirmative solutions to lessen the impact of gun violence and mass shootings. The time, indeed, has come.

Legislation passed by the House and now in the Senate may begin to pave the way for meaningful reform and improvement in our nation's gun controls. The American public, which continues to suffer under senseless acts of violence, deserves at the very least full consideration of these measures, not tabled as a strategy most favored by the former Senate majority, now minority, leader Mitch McConnell.

Nor must we allow inaction be the rule of the day in pursuit of the perfect solutions, but rather steady effort at bringing about the greater good for all of America. Again, the time has come.

So whether it's strengthening background checks or moving toward limitations on ammunition purchases (though not on the level of outlawing a class of weapons, such as assault style weapons), the soul of our country would be better served by engaging gun control in at least this manner. Let us, as a nation, offer up a few rays of hope rather than continue reaction to gun violence with the darkness of despair.

Kevin Krajewski

Fort Wayne

Swift, certain justice

Watching the news each morning, I hear of senseless shootings, killings wrecking people's lives.

In the shootings in Colorado, an officer with seven children was killed, plus nine others lost their lives.

As I see it, once you senselessly shoot and kill, you lost your right to live on this earth. You get nothing but the death penalty, carried out in 30 days. I think that should be made national law  and used when these killings happen. These people have no heart and their reasons are self-centered.

Make daily life safe.

Melvin P. Wietfeldt

Columbia City

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