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Sunday, April 04, 2021 1:00 am

Letters to the editor

Morgan uniquely qualified to assume judgeship

For the past 26 years, Magistrate Lori Morgan has demonstrated the determination and leadership required to serve as Allen County's next family court Superior Court judge.

Naturally, Morgan has been gifted and equipped with the empathy and understanding required to ensure that the needs of children are upheld and prioritized. We could not imagine standing in front of another human being who has the authority to determine the future of your family and children unless that person possessed the qualifications and heart of Morgan.

We have first-hand knowledge of Morgan's acumen and qualifications as she has presided over many legal cases that involved families of the Boys and Girls Clubs, residents and even prominent leaders in our community, helping family members to reconcile, reconnect and rebuild.

In 1995, Morgan was appointed to the Allen Superior Court Family Relations Division, and was honored to be Allen County's first African American female judicial officer, as she recognized the opportunity to serve from a place that was not punitive in nature.

Morgan operates from a diverse jurisprudential competency, and her unique vantage point and life experiences enable her to pull from non-traditional community resources to make informed decisions that benefit families.

This is not a matter of race, but instead a unique opportunity for our Allen County criminal justice system to have another highly qualified, and experienced professional on their team as Superior Court judge in Allen County's family court system.

Joe Jordan

President and CEO, Boys and Girls Clubs of Fort Wayne

Iric Headley

Program manager, Fort Wayne UNITED

Trump treatment reflects biases across media

Who was the biggest antagonist and bully during the Trump administration? It wasn't President Donald Trump. It was our broadcast media.

They used every negative and demeaning adjective, adverb and noun that could be infused into their “reporting.” Photos were anything but complimentary. Their job is to objectively report news. We as individuals decide how we feel about the information provided to us and form our opinions.

Instead, they have it conveniently packaged with their opinion infused so we just swallow it and it becomes our bias as well. And all of those “quotes” from Trump's speeches. I think we all know that where and how you clip a speech creates the impression you wish to deliver.

Please, America, think for yourselves. Realize the media have been bent on destroying him since the day he became president.

Trump defended innocent life boldly and confidently. He eliminated our dependency on foreign oil. Trump promised to have reliable COVID vaccines available by the end of the year. He did. He put two good people on the Supreme Court. He brokered improved relationships with three Arab nations and Israel. He brokered new and improved trade deals with Mexico, Canada and China. He had our economy in surprisingly good shape in spite of all the dire negativity being force fed us. He took the stock market through the 30,000 level even with all of the discrediting headwinds.

My goal isn't to sing Trump's praises but to point out that he was treated very unfairly by the media and those they represent.

So when you hear the network news claim to be right, fair and unbiased, enjoy the humor.

Andy Wyss

Fort Wayne

Lunchtime surprise

My cousin and I were at lunch on March 27 at Casa. When we were ready for our bill, our waitress informed us that it had been paid by a man who had just left. Since we do not know his name, we will just say thank you very much “Mr. ... Man.” This added a nice surprise to our day.

Vickie Keaney

Fort Wayne

Kathy Lommatzsch


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