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Tuesday, February 23, 2021 1:00 am


DeKalb also doing well distributing vaccine

I often read about how wonderful each of Allen County's vaccine sites have done issuing the COVID-19 vaccine. There are few mentions of DeKalb County.

My husband couldn't have had a better experience at the fairgrounds. Each and every person we encountered was so welcoming and professional. The process was so just seamless. Thank you so much.



Culmination of incitement is there for all to see

I, as other Americans, watched the impeachment trial of ex-President Donald Trump. What was presented by the Democrats was, to say the least, appalling. It brings back history lessons about the events that led to both world wars in the last century, the revolutions, assassinations and Adolf Hitler's rise to power.

I cannot understand why anyone who witnessed Trump's speech on Jan. 6 believes he did not tell his followers to go to the Capitol and stop the formal counting of electoral votes.

We all witnessed via TV what took place and how the cradle of American democracy was attacked by his MAGA followers. Regardless of which side of the aisle you are on, the attack was an attack on America itself and Trump should have been found guilty of inciting the mob to attack the legitimate session of both houses to overturn the will of the American people.

I understand now how telling a lie often enough makes it real in the minds of cult followers. Hopefully, these people will come to their senses and realize they have been lied to for four years. God help us if they do not.

Jim Furos

Fort Wayne

Unsatisfying end to the Trump era

It was a sad day for America to see Republican senators refuse to stand up and accept the facts and overwhelming evidence that Donald Trump was guilty of inciting an insurrection on Jan. 6. I prayed until the final count that more GOP members would come to their senses but, as predicted, they were spineless.

Some members of Congress were extremely disrespectful during the process – reading newspapers, avoiding watching the violent videos, doodling on notepads and even putting their feet up – being complacent. What has happened to respect and manners in our country?

After four years of violence, chaos and lies, we deserve a better ending. I hope the 14th Amendment is invoked and this vile, immoral man is deprived of ever holding office again.

Democrats are being criticized for “caving” concerning bringing in crucial witnesses on the last day. It is my belief they are more interested in the importance of promoting President Joe Biden's agenda for the good of our country than prolonging the trial. I end with the quote Rep. Jamie Raskin used from the French philosopher Voltaire: “Anyone who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.”

Mary Short

Fort Wayne

Trump is final victor

For those who took delight in the second impeachment of Donald Trump, remember that an impeachment is only an accusation; it is followed by a trial. Twice Nancy Pelosi and her Democratic toadies impeached Trump and twice the jury found him not guilty. Final score: Trump 2, Pelosi 0.

Bruce Cynar


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