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Saturday, February 20, 2021 1:00 am


Lutheran alleviates vaccination concerns

We need to praise Lutheran Hospital for their efficient and professional system for administrating the vaccine.

They are very thorough. You are in and out in less than a half hour with all the necessary information and your vaccine card. You also receive a follow-up text on the third day after your shot to inquire how you are.

Our whole medical community is making the COVID-19 vaccination process a smooth, complete experience.

With all the worries we have in our lives, Lutheran has helped alleviate the one of getting the vaccine safely and efficiently.

Thank you, Lutheran, for a job well done.

Andrea Ty Ratajczak

Fort Wayne

Would-be immigrants overwhelm system

The Associated Press has really confused the situation on our southern border (“Asylum-seekers waiting in Mexico to be let into US”).

According to federal and international law, an asylum-seeker must meet the same requirements as a refugee, namely that the applicant has suffered persecution or has “a well-founded fear of persecution based on race, religion, nationality or political opinion.” 

There is no evidence the foregoing criteria apply to the 70,000 “asylum-seekers” hitherto waiting in Mexico for U.S. interviews to determine whether they qualify for admission.

The understandable desire to flee poverty, natural disasters, unemployment, pandemics, crop failures, political turmoil or war does not by itself constitute grounds for granting asylum.

The United States issues nearly a million immigrant (resident) visas and refugee documents every year, including change-of-status petitions.

No other country has a record like this.

President Joe Biden's decision to immediately take into the U.S. the 70,000 people waiting along the border will only create a gigantic magnet to draw even more people to take their place and flood other entry points.

Simply handing out cards to the current 70,000 beneficiaries before they are waved through the border, and expecting that they will show up for their hearing in their chosen sanctuary city, denies past experience; the president must know that attempts to hold everyone to honor their court date would overwhelm enforcement staff, as has happened before.

And what about the medical exam required of every legal immigrant to defeat contagious diseases before moving to the U.S.?

Patrick J. Flood

Fort Wayne

Job security over country

The choices one makes in life go a long way in telling the character of an individual.

Mike Braun and Todd Young have shown, by the votes they cast on impeachment, that they care less about the citizens and security of this country than the security of the jobs they hold as Indiana senators.

It is truly a sad day when job security overrides the obvious moral choice to support this great country and ensure the prevention of future deaths and destruction.

John Gospodarek

Fort Wayne

America chose unwisely

President Joe Biden is a professed Catholic, unifier and job creator. Citizens who voted for our hypocrite-in-chief and his misfit administration are receiving the government they rightly deserve.

Larry L. Sneary

Fort Wayne

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