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Friday, February 19, 2021 1:00 am


Banks tweet reveals his cluelessness

“Impeachments are a lot like iPhone releases. There's been about 10 of them, each version is pretty much the same and they used to be a lot more exciting ... and they're both supported by the CCP”

– Jim Banks tweet, Feb. 11

This is service to country? This is serving the people of Indiana?

Just as Donald Trump, Banks is free to say whatever he wishes. Free speech is not free of consequence.

We have no recourse at this point to free Congressional District 3 of the seditious support of this man. I can assure him these words and actions will not be forgotten. We vote.

I must ask: Did Banks watch any of the impeachment trial on Feb. 11? If so, why tweet this statement?

It appears that many iPhones prove the case of insurrection. Maybe Banks should obtain one and watch videos of police officers being killed, beaten, called the n-word over and over while protecting his iPhone tweet.

Where is the law and order he claims to uphold? What show of law and order is standing with “Hang Mike Pence” and “Nancy, oh Nancy, where are you, Nancy”?

Banks describes this as the Chinese Communist Party actively working with the Democratic Party. How does one equate the murder and maiming of police officers and “Hang Mike Pence” to that? I am compelled to wonder if “CCP” would be used if the words “Hang Jim Banks” were?

How is Indiana being served? Not well.

Joyce Bentz


Double act of service

Kudos to David Haas of the 122nd Fighter Wing. He cleared off my car so I could go get my second vaccine shot on Feb 11. Thank you to David for his act of kindness and his service.

Susan Cook

Fort Wayne 

Nuclear buildup diverts from more pressing issues

The Biden administration should be congratulated for extending the New START nuclear treaty. Americans need to understand that New START is a starting point for nuclear diplomacy, not an end point.

Nuclear technology has produced faster, smaller and stealthier weapons while our nuclear treaties have diminished.

A nuclear exchange of 3,100 warheads by the U.S. and Russia is still an extinction event. We must beware of feel-good treaties that are not verifiable and do not actually make us safer.

Hypersonic and submarine-launched nuclear missiles have almost eliminated decision time. We should not be attempting to match Russian hypersonic nuclear vehicles; we should be negotiating treaties to prevent their use.

An upside of the pandemic is that it gave me time to read Scott Ritter's latest book, “Scorpion King.” It is the sad tale of 75 years of failure to eliminate nuclear weapons.

It was interesting that some of the people who sabotaged nuclear negotiations (Richard Perle, Donald Rumsfeld, etc.) were the same people who led us into the disastrous Iraq War.

We are vulnerable to new Russian nuclear weapons because President George W. Bush withdrew from the anti-ballistic missile treaty. He also initiated a nuclear weapon modernization program, contrary to our commitment to the nuclear non-proliferation treaty.

We are losing the nuclear arms race we started. We have a moral obligation to end the madness. We have limited time to deal with the danger from nuclear weapons (and climate change).

We vote our short-term interests at the expense of our survival.

Tim Tiernon

Fort Wayne for Peace

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