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Thursday, February 18, 2021 1:00 am


Gesture reflects renewal of faith

We recently went to Rich's Cafe in Waynedale for breakfast. Halfway through, a gentleman stopped by and told us he had bought our meals. We were very surprised and thanked him.

I shook his hand and told him what a wonderful thing he had done. Our friend, who was sitting in his wheelchair, could not stop talking about how nice this stranger was.

It made our day a happy day. It was an act of kindness that made my friend feel that this stranger was saying, “I care about you, too!”

We need more people today to step up and show support for anyone they feel needs help. There are many people today in all kinds of situations who need help.

To this kind stranger, I say “thank you” and God bless you.

We have way too much hatred in this country today.

God created us to love our neighbor. Amen.

Roger Scherer


Short-sighted lawmakers threaten safeguards

Recently, my state representatives, Bob Morris and Dennis Kruse, initiated legislation that nullifies the power of our administrative leaders, from the governor to public health officials. Senate Bill 5 limits effective actions in situations of pandemic when quick actions are needed.

You would think they would recognize how the present virus has been allowed to savage our population because of restricted enforcement of mask mandates and occupancy controls.

Social media companies were then threatened for monitoring undocumented conspiracy theories (House Bill 1519) that encourage wild and unreasoned thought. These social media outlets are privately owned and have policies for users. Free speech does not protect messaging that threatens public safety or personal threats to public leaders.

Much of this kind of legislative activity by our state representatives steals from their focused energies on real issues of public health and safety. Indiana is 38th out of our 50 states for problems such as prenatal care, obesity, lung health, etc.

In coming election cycles, parents and civic-minded voters should remove those who have allowed for the theft of our rights to strong administrative actions that lead to disease control, vermin codes in restaurants, fire codes to secure our homes and myriad other administrative actions that secure our safety without disruptive and misguided politicos.

Nick Wilhelm

Fort Wayne

'Redundant proposal'

I received a late January email from my state senator (District 16) Justin (“pave over the wetlands”) Busch.

He was touting his Senate Bill 5 regarding appealing an emergency health order to a local legislative body, claiming “after all, health boards are appointed, not elected.” This, he claims, “will improve government accountability.”

Given that health boards are appointed by elected officials (such as Busch), whom we trust to make sound decisions in the first place, I fail to understand where he is going with this redundant proposal.

Robert Haluska

Fort Wayne


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