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Wednesday, January 20, 2021 1:00 am

Letters: Insurrection fallout

A reckoning is essential

“It's time for forgiveness, unity, healing” are words now ringing out over podiums bearing official seals.

No. It is not time to forgive, not time to close divides. Wounds do not heal until first disinfected.

“I'm sorry. I take full responsibility,” is merely lip service. Yet one is chided, “You're contributing to disunity. It's time for healing” for not accepting that lip service.

But disunity is the status quo in which we find ourselves, preserved by our perennial reluctance to hold our leaders responsible. We are satisfied with the mere sacrifice of scapegoats thrown under buses, so nothing ever changes.

Donald Trump is being thrown under the bus by those without whom Trump could never have gotten so far. However, Trump is merely a scapegoat, a man-child politician born in 2016. He is not the cause, just the symptom in chief.

Trump supporters in elected office must be dragged into the light of day, reckonings all around. It is not enough for them to denounce Trump's incitement to commit terrorist acts. They must denounce Trumpism itself: manifestly bigoted policies, theocratic power plays, alternative “facts” tweeted into (sur)reality, corruption and outright lawbreaking. They must make amends with reversal of their Trumpian actions.

In a democracy, the buck ultimately stops with the people. The power is in our hands to hold their feet to the fire. Forgiveness must be withheld until responsibility has manifestly been taken, lest the words “forgiveness” and “responsibility” remain hollow and meaningless.

In all of this, one thing is certain: Whatever each of us decides to do, we will have a government as good as its people.


Fort Wayne

Doubts threat to democracy

Like millions of U.S. citizens, I have been extremely upset by the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol and concerned for the safety of our representatives. I am a physician assistant providing care for extended-care facility residents who have been adversely affected by COVID-19.

In my work, I rely heavily on accurate information from a range of caring and competent health care workers to determine appropriate medical treatment. I often seek the guidance of medical experts whose analysis provides me with vital input for my decision-making.

One life-saving fact I have learned is that proper facial masking significantly reduces the spread of COVID-19. I can confirm the accuracy and effectiveness of this based on the numerous close, direct exposures I have had caring for ill patients with COVID-19. The nearly 400,000 U.S. deaths from COVID-19 reported by Johns Hopkins University, my alma mater, attest to the consequences of not relying on factual information.

Rep. Jackie Walorski's objections to the Electoral College's certification of our next president lead me to believe she must have in her possession facts of widespread voter fraud not found by election officials, governors, legislatures and courts across our nation. I also believe the violent mob attack on our Capitol leading to five deaths and representing a threat to the health if not survival of our democracy, flaws and all, was largely fueled by similar objections.

Such a threat demands that Walorski release the evidence she must have. I believe the continuation of our lives together as a nation requires her to do so. We citizens and representatives have a moral obligation to get this fixed before the disease of doubt and the denial of facts leads to the final failure of our democracy.

Paul Fry-Miller

North Manchester

Democrats bear blame

I clearly support Rep. Jim Banks and find nothing remotely possible connecting him to the Jan. 6 event. I find deceitful statements by the Indiana Democratic Party and The Journal Gazette's Karen Francisco immature fabrications aimed at maligning Banks. I find Democrats assigning culpability for the Capitol Hill chaos to supporters of President Donald Trump serves only to embolden their lie-supporting, self-serving accusatory media.

The Democratic Party should bear full responsibility for the actions of Jan. 6. For four long years Americans have borne the poisonous onslaught of lies about Russia collusion. Impeachment was another unfounded vicious partisan attack. Even before the 2017 inauguration plans by the deep state, including treasonous FBI officials, were being hatched. Why? Because they hated him.

Nearly 80 million Americans voted for Trump because of providing record low unemployment rates among minorities, a blossoming economy, and an increase in jobs and jobs returning to the U.S. Democrats angry about questioning certified votes to the electoral college conveniently forgot about their own protestations in 2001, 2005 and 2017.

I suggest Francisco, the Indiana Democratic Party and their opinion spewing media, posing as news outlets, do some soul searching to reveal their own self-spawned environment based in leftist politics. A party supporting infanticide, riots, looting, vandalism, socialism, a Chinese Communist Party agenda, erosion of the family and an anti-law enforcement position cannot seriously blame Banks for anything except for being a proud and sincere American. 

Thomas A. Hutchings

Fort Wayne

Trump guilty of fraud

We make mistakes, even when voting or counting votes. Unless they are proven to be intentional and with malice aforethought, they are not illegal but should be corrected. Unless proven to be orchestrated on a significant scale, it is not fraud.

In all this kerfuffle before and after the election, the only thing that could conceivably qualify as a potential source of fraud is the mail-in ballot. However, we have been using mail-in ballots for decades and have no reason to doubt our continuing ability to detect fraud.

The claim of “massive” voter fraud has been made only in the critical states that went for Joe Biden and were orchestrated by the loser. In many of these states, Republican candidates prevailed while the president lost. Vote-splitting is common and not illegal or fraudulent. In all of these 'critical' states, the officials were Republicans who oversaw the elections and certified the accuracy of the outcome. Several recounts have not materially changed the numbers.

Apparently quite a large number of “patriots” believe the calumny that the election of Biden is illegitimate or a steal. A dozen senators and many dozens of representatives have promulgated this calumny.

This denial of the lawful election of Biden is intentional, malice aforethought, organized on a large scale by shyster lawyers and crooked politicians. The silence of those who knew or should have known lent these lies credence in the minds of shallow thinkers and contributed to Jan. 6. This constitutes fraud perpetrated by the “stable genius.” Truly, “This is so huge the world has never seen anything like it before!” ... and hopefully will never see again.

Kamala S. Krishnan

Fort Wayne

Trump fought for people

Thank you to Donald Trump for being the best president we have had for more than  30 years despite being faced with a four-year-long coup attempt by the Democrats, their pet bureaucrats and their media lapdogs. Many millions of American citizens appreciate his efforts on our behalf. God bless him.

Pat Christle

New Haven

Unworthy of the flag

Angry people were mentioned during the debacle in Washington, D.C., on Jan. 6, while those who seem to follow Trumpism as the only way of life were flying flags, causing damage, invading the House and Senate chambers and chanting slogans.

The person they should be angry with is the outgoing president.

One recent op-ed in The Journal Gazette included the line “Trumpty-Dumpty.” He is about to have a very big fall, which is going to be destructive to the man's fragile ego.

People in the past have been tried for treason for lesser offenses. Why should this man be allowed any leniency, since what he is trying to do is incite a coup because he lost and can't handle the blow to his ego? Even the tape that was played that day, telling his supporters to go home even though the election had been stolen from them, was the same old drivel he has been spouting ad nauseam for weeks.

How dare these rabble-rousers wave the American flag in this instance?

They were following Donald Trump's instructions to take over the country. They do not deserve to hold the flag in their hands.

Don Hicks

Fort Wayne

Banks enabled nightmare

Rep. Jim Banks' slavish adoration and support of the most patently unfit man ever elected as president have shown him to be complicit in enabling this national tragic nightmare.

Practically my entire family has had the privilege of raising our right hand and taking the oath to our country and serving faithfully.

So did Banks – twice. What does he say now? We need more “Trumpism”?

Jeff Hamilton


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