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Tuesday, January 19, 2021 1:00 am


Failed coup one final act of Trump's incompetencies

Setting aside the moral bankruptcy of the outgoing administration (a truly herculean task), Donald Trump's encouragement of the mob attack on our Capitol is another illustration of the massive incompetence that is truly his brand.

What did his minions do when they “took” the Capitol? Took selfies in Statuary Hall, milled about aimlessly and broke windows like teenagers while their leader, who promised to walk with them, sat in front of his television. A failed revolution.

This is no surprise from someone who brought you his own bankruptcies (of course, this was his business plan not to pay creditors – and if you think that is admirable, you need to look into your own soul); the failed birther attack on Barack Obama; the ill-conceived Muslim ban; the wall that covers 1% of the border and that was paid for by you and me, not Mexico; the failure to jail Hillary Clinton; and the destruction of America's alliances with international partners who are now aghast at the havoc he has wrought.

Oh, and then there's that coronavirus thing, in which he has been a co-conspirator in its spread by his deceit and cowardly abdication of responsibility by pretending it was each state's problem. Why? He knew he could not manage and conquer a true problem.

Dusty Roach

Fort Wayne

Term limits will force actions in our interests

In 1955, Pete Seeger wrote the popular American folk song, “Where have all the flowers gone?” Each verse ends with: “Oh, When will they ever learn” – quite possibly referring to all politicians, no matter their political affiliation.

When will “they” learn “they” were elected or appointed to act in the best interest of the city, county, state or country they represent. “They” were not elected for their personal or party gain, yet many act or react only to prepare financially for their reelection bid.

Politicians and underwear should be changed regularly and for the same reason; both become foul. This is why term limits need to become law. Maybe two terms by law, with the second being decided by the electorate.

When will we learn we can control our destiny by voting in primary elections, choosing who will run for office representing our chosen party, instead of having big money pick the candidates of their choosing?

Marlin Culy

New Haven

Christmas joy came from entire community

My heart is full of gratitude, love and appreciation for all of those who in any way donated for the Christmas program this year. Monetary gift cards, gifts, extra toys and other items, along with all donations to the Ave Maria House as well as St. Martin de Porres angel tree were greatly appreciated.

Those donations were from St. Mary's Catholic Church, Fort Wayne, and the surrounding communities and schools.

Your love and support for the children went beyond whatever I would have dreamed. You will forever be in my prayers and my thoughts.

There were many sad stories but many more happy faces. Those smiles were directly because of you.

May God bless you and keep you safe and happy in 2021.

Dottie Carpenter

Ave Maria House director

St. Martin de Porres Christmas chair

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