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Monday, January 18, 2021 1:00 am


Legislative remedies can aid the poor

If fallacies are repeated often enough, the uninformed start to believe them.

There are many causes of poverty, but capitalism is not one of them. The U.S. has much less poverty than most countries that are not capitalistic; look at the poor in China, North Korea, Russia and most of the African nations. Our poor are wealthy by comparison. Capitalism has done more to reduce poverty than any other single factor in any country.

Daryl Martin (”Wealth gap concerning to Christians,” Jan. 8) is concerned rightly about the wealth gap. But to blame it on capitalism is misguided at best. The wealthy have not taken their wealth from the poor. They have offered products/services that others were willing to pay for. I don't see how entrepreneurship has caused any poverty. In fact, it has created many jobs.

Although he doesn't mention it, I believe Martin wants socialism, i.e., to confiscate money from the rich and give it to whomever the government deems appropriate. Socialism is immoral and has never been effective anywhere in the world. 

But there are many things we can do to reduce the problem. We can make our laws equitable. Our last tax cut helped the rich far more than the poor. While a store clerk must pay Social Security on his/her entire earnings, a wealthy individual does not. The wealthy can collect Social Security payments and Medicare benefits, neither of which they need. There are many more inequities Congress has built into our tax structure.

If you're truly concerned about the poor, contact your senators and representatives.

W. Brian Harris

Fort Wayne

Another year of success for Coats for Kids

In a difficult year that was filled with challenges and hardships for so many, Fort Wayne once again showed its giving spirit. Because of people's generosity, 6,542 children at more than 100 local schools and social service agencies now have a warm winter coat; more than 72,800 winter coats have been distributed in 21 years of Coats for Kids.

Your giving spirit inspires us!

Ani Etter

Executive director, Volunteer Center

Fort Wayne

Many contributed to families' merry Christmas

A big “thank you” to the Fort Wayne Police Benevolent Association for its outstanding efforts and generosity in helping provide Christmas gifts to local families in need of special care. This effort was organized through the Military Family Support Program of Associated Churches that is directed by Garry and Jean Pook.

Thirty families were selected from the 122nd Fighter Wing, 293rd Infantry Battalion, and Healthier Moms and Babies organization. A majority of these families were adopted by the PBA, churches, businesses and individual families coming together to make sure these families had gifts under their trees. We also want to thank the Indiana Pacers and Fort Wayne Mad Ants for their generously large toy donation that was shared with these families.

Rev. Roger F. Reece

Executive director, Associated Churches of Fort Wayne and Allen County

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