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Saturday, January 16, 2021 1:00 am


A dose of reassurance

On Jan. 6, I received my first dose of the novel coronavirus vaccine at the Parkview Mirro Center.

I am a registered nurse and was excited to be able to receive it.

The entire appointment lasted less then 30 minutes. Everyone I met was professional, efficient, friendly and reassuring. I was never hurried and my questions were answered.

After receiving the shot, you remain for 15 minutes to ensure you have not had any reaction to the vaccine. You are also scheduled for your second appointment.

I urge folks to please do this, if not for yourself then for those you care about and love.

Julie Snyder

 Fort Wayne

Crumbs for the masses

Sen. Mitch McConnell (according to The Journal Gazette on Dec. 31, 2020) shut the door on “survivor checks” approved by the House in the latest COVID-19 relief bill, stating the “money would go to plenty of American households that just don't need it.” It would also have gone to plenty of American households that desperately do need it.

COVID-19 has closed many businesses, resulting in the loss of many jobs. The ability of jobless families to obtain food, pay rent or make house payments, etc., is almost non-existent.

I suspect the Senate majority leader will accept the automatic pay raise he is due to receive this year. His $193,400 annual salary is just not sufficient.

George Timm

New Haven 

Practices belie professions

When the religious sector of American society entered the political realm, it identified itself as the Moral Majority, the community of faith. However, when members departed the sanctuary of their houses of worship where they were preaching to the choir, they stepped into the political arena, where their beliefs, intents, behavior and electoral activities would come under public scrutiny.

Painted in broad strokes, their beliefs would range from liturgical worshipers, evangelicals, fundamentalists and speakers in tongues to snake handlers. Their intent would range from personal salvation to establishment of a national religion, Christianity. Their behavior would range from noble acts of love and kindness to bombing of women's health centers. Their political activity would be expressed by vetting candidates' commitment to their precepts, their version of the political correctness they decry. They tacitly or zealously support their chosen candidates, allowing them to rationalize a Donald Trump as “anointed” and making bedfellows with the alt-right, the equivalent of the “situational ethics” they disdain.

I do not consider the community of faith to be in any way a sanctified electorate; I consider its efforts to make the government an instrument to further its ends a violation of the separation of church and state. My spirituality and salvation are personal to me.

Chester Baran

Fort Wayne

A huge comedown

Indiana went from world-class leadership in democracy with Sens. Richard Lugar and Dan Coats to world-class despotism in the blink of an eye. These two men had to learn painfully they no longer represented the values of their fellow Hoosiers and could not count on any support.

Pete Christensen

Fort Wayne

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