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Friday, January 15, 2021 1:00 am


Blessings for 2021

None of us want to see the year 2020 repeated.

The terrible virus killed more than 350,000 friends, relatives and neighbors. It sent our economy into free fall, bankrupted businesses and sent many of us to unemployment lines, begging for assistance with bills and food and shutting us down from all interaction with friends and relatives.

In the face of this difficulty, we do have many blessings. I'm grateful to our heavenly father for the blessing of not having a thumb-sucking career politician in the White House during this pandemic. We have two vaccines in nine months. Without that blessing, we would have had several more years of misery and probably two to three times the deaths.

So please join me in offering our thanks to our father for saving us from this hell. Unfortunately, it's not over yet, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. Keep praying.

Ray Ohlman

Fort Wayne

A supportive gift

Residents who have become immobile, are wheelchair bound or who can no longer stand upright on their own rely on electric Hoyer Patient Lifts several times a day as a means of getting in and out of bed, in and out of the bathroom, and in and out of a wheelchair.

Recently, we at Saint Anne Communities were able to purchase three lifts, allowing us to utilize one lift per floor of our nursing facility. This purchase was fully supported by a grant of $5,000 from the St. Joseph Community Health Foundation.

Thank you to the foundation for allowing us to better serve the elderly in this community.

Maria Nancarrow

Fort Wayne

A reasonable rule

It seems much is being made of late whether Jill Biden, wife of President-elect Joe Biden, is entitled to refer to herself as “doctor,” given that she has a doctoral degree in education.

The answer is that of course she is so entitled. A doctorate refers to a degree, not a profession, and anyone who has gone to the considerable effort of earning one from a reputable university has every right to use the title, whether it is in education, medicine, geology or any other field of study that offers a doctoral degree.

Having said this, I nevertheless suggest that we follow the rule that the American Psychological Association has established for its members who hold doctoral degrees, which is to limit its use to professional purposes in professional contexts. Any use of the title outside of this is, in my view, ostentatious pretense.

Galen A. Yordy

Fort Wayne

Misappropriated money

Just in time for Christmas, our politicians used the COVID-19 pandemic to play Santa Claus, delivering multimillion dollar gifts to Myanmar, Cambodia, Asia, Israel, the Palestinians and Pakistan, not to mention $7.5 million to the Smithsonian, $26 million to the Kennedy Center and $75 million to the National Endowment for Arts and Humanities, plus a whopping $10 billion to the post office, just to name a few.

We must have been on the naughty list; that $600 check seems like a lump of coal.

Bob Sallaz

Fort Wayne

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