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Wednesday, November 18, 2020 1:00 am


Mask can't hide emotion in the eyes

William Shakespeare wrote, “The eyes are the window to the soul.”

One of the common complaints I hear about wearing a mask is that people can't see your facial expressions. However, I think Shakespeare had it right.

I can see happiness, sadness, kindness and anger in people's eyes. When I see an interview on TV of someone who is masked, when I pass a shopper in the store who is masked or see someone across the aisle in church who is masked, I can tell their emotions through their eyes as well as by the tone of their voice and their words.

You don't need to see someone's nose, mouth or chin to know what they are feeling. Look in their eyes.

Mask up, America!

Lori Ross

Fort Wayne

Time for reconciliation is now at hand

Now that the election is over and Joe Biden will be our next president, all of us need to take a deep breath and start being true Americans. We need to stop all the hatred and name-calling, protesting (either side), and start the healing, so to speak. This year has been marked as one of the worst in our history. What with the pandemic, the two political sides at each others' throats, the unemployment, the police in some instances, etc., it's a wonder we still have a republic.

The outcome seems to be clear. Those who are still saying the Democrats stole the election are living in a different world. I do not see anyone saying one word about the way the Republicans captured most of the states and picked up a few seats in the House. People must understand, Biden might be the new president, but the House and Senate still do the majority of the work and are responsible for passing any legislation.

We should all, regardless of party, come together, be civil and work with each other. Not for personal gain or recognition, but for the good of the country.

Jim Furos

Fort Wayne

Interpreting the feelings of Trump supporters

On the evening news of Nov. 7, ABC21 interviewed two Donald Trump supporters on their reaction to Joe Biden's declared victory. One was a burly, white, 40ish male; the other was Fort Wayne's partisan spin doctor, Steve Shine.

The former said in a voice barely above a whisper that he feared for the safety of his young daughters. I took this to be a reference to the demonstrators who took to the Fort Wayne streets prior to the election. His response betrayed ignorance of the irony that the demonstrators, whom he feared, were voicing the same concern as his, fear for their own and their children's safety. The only difference was that for many of the protesters theirs was experienced while his was imagined.

Shine petulantly remarked that we'll wait to see what he (Biden) will do about the pandemic. I recognized this as his vexation that the handling of the pandemic was the reason for Trump's defeat and that the Republican Party would now have to begin a search for a person as craven and delusional as Trump to control its majority constituency which is now composed of the unlettered, enraptured evangelicals and locked-and-loaded anti-government militants.

Chester Baran

Fort Wayne 


Share your blessings

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