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Friday, July 31, 2020 1:00 am


Mother's lesson won't be forgotten

Some time ago, a young girl came to my door collecting for the “children's hospital.”

I questioned her about the hospital and her goal and she was quite vague.

As I was busy preparing dinner, I grabbed $2 for her but I told my husband I wasn't really sure about the situation but, after all, it was only $2.

Fast forward a few weeks and a woman came to our home with the child. She explained that when she found out her daughter had essentially been scamming neighbors, this mom made sure the child returned the money to people who had donated.

WOW! What a great job of parenting! She's taught her daughter how to take responsibility for her actions and how to make amends when she's done something wrong.

This is a mom to emulate.

Thanks, Mom!


Fort Wayne

Without healthy people, economy is worthless

Donald Trump and his administration have been placing the survival of the economy over the survival of its people.

The Republican Party has made it clear the economy must be taken care of, even at the expense of the well-being of our brothers and sisters. This strategy isn't working so well, however, and will not keep us from the inevitable recession and depression that is coming if we don't get a handle on the current problem at hand, which is the pandemic.

What we are doing is causing much more harm than good; we are doing nothing to protect the people. And the economy will mean absolutely nothing if the people are all dead or weakened.

Trump has said that slowing testing for the coronavirus would in turn slow cases. If we stopped testing for pregnancies, there would be no known pregnancies, right? But there would be the same number of babies being born. And if we stopped arresting criminals, crime rates would go to zero, right? But the same number of crimes would be committed.

The coronavirus will not “disappear,” even if you stop testing. People will still be getting sick. People will still die. And Trump will still not be doing enough about it. Please choose to put the people first, or your precious economy will not matter anyway. I hope Republicans choose to educate themselves on the facts because this isn't about standing with your political party anymore. This is about standing for your morals and wanting to keep yourself and everyone else safe.

T.E. Kelley

Fort Wayne

Music's possibilities can expand the mind

I play music at the South Side Farmer's Market. I love it there. The vendors and customers are like family and friends.

Last summer, a gentleman gave me a beautiful guitar and I was so shocked I didn't know what to say. I didn't even get his name. It was a gift from someone who appreciated the music.

Music can really bring us together. There is a group on YouTube called “Playing For Change”; they are from all over the world. Each person in their own country plays their part of a song then it is all put together.

Music can unite people, heal wounds and maybe allow us to listen to another point of view.

Rick Barton

Fort Wayne 

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