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Tuesday, July 28, 2020 1:00 am


Cartoon unneeded

The editorial cartoon published in the July 16 Journal Gazette is a perfect example of contemporary yellow journalism. It shows a classroom full of terrified children with a grinning, buffoonish Betsy DeVos announcing, “Hopefully only a very small number of you will get sick and die.”

I understand the compulsion of most contemporary media to do anything to slam Donald Trump and all associated with him, but this cartoon is patently fear-mongering and flies in the face of all available data on schoolchildren and their attendance. Sweden's experience in this era of COVID-19 is illuminating. I also know a little about the need for kids to be in school, having spent a career in teaching and school administration.

And, best wishes to Mark Daniel in his new superintendency with Fort Wayne Community Schools. I know Daniel and the FWCS staff and the kids in their care will pull together and handle this great challenge with success.

William Dillon


A welcome change on Recreation page

As an avid reader of The Journal Gazette, I usually read all sections, from the news to sports. I love the cryptoquotes and crossword puzzles and challenge myself to complete them speedily, even timing myself in the process.

On Sundays, I turn to the Recreation page, mentally preparing myself for photos of people and dead animals in the “outdoor experiences” section. There is the usual panoply of carcasses with smiling humans proud of their kills.

But, lo and behold, I was pleasantly surprised to see, in the July 12 edition, young Ayden Amick and his plate of mushrooms; I loved it! His proud smile, with his Tin Caps hat perched atop his head, was such a delight. Thanks, Journal Gazette – more mushrooms, fewer carcasses!

Kathi Weiss

Fort Wayne

A Culver's kindness

I was sitting in a booth in Culver's, waiting for my wife to get drinks. When I looked up, a lady was standing with some money in her hand to ask if she could buy me a dessert.

I had on a Korea hat from the Honor Flight I had been on to encourage people to ask if they know of anyone to go. It was a good experience.

This was an act of kindness on her part. I was amazed and humbled for the kindness and thoughtfulness on her part. I am 90 years young and wish to thank her very much for her thoughts. With all the hate in the world today, this was a welcome message.

Robert Petts


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