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Monday, July 27, 2020 1:00 am


What will happen once student masks come off?

Fort Wayne Community Schools students return Aug. 10. That represents 30,980 students, 1,883 teachers and 4,088 staff, totaling 36,951 people or about 14% of the population of Fort Wayne. Those numbers do not include private and charter schools.

FWCS is offering a blended program of alternating student attendance and virtual schooling for those who opt out of attending. This creates a head-spinning effect on lesson plans, assignments and homework for both teachers and students.

FWCS consulted with local health officials and decided to forge ahead on opening with masks mandated inside school buildings.

Mayor Tom Henry has been publicly quiet on masks except to say we should wear one. Look around Fort Wayne and notice the number of school-age people who don't wear a mask. Apparently, our public officials see a different path than FWCS or haven't consulted our health department.

Once school is out, the masks will come off. I am very worried that Fort Wayne is about to become a petri dish of students and the unmasked public mixing to create a perfect storm of infections.

Phillip Mack

Fort Wayne

Vera Bradley masks have disappointing secret

On July 17, I purchased eight face masks from the Vera Bradley store because it is a local company. Then the Journal Gazette had an article about the company for making 300,000 face masks.

When I examined the masks, I discovered they had been made in China. I took the masks back regardless of their store policy that you cannot return masks. They refused to refund my money, so I left them there.

You cannot have it both ways, claiming you are making masks but selling ones you had made in China. Shame on you, Vera Bradley Inc.

Helga Kitchen

Fort Wayne

Free press essential to American way

As I read the July 14 Journal Gazette, I came across the letter from Dr. Russ Gilliom claiming the media offer a twisted view of current events because of the cartoon on July 4 depicting the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the free press.

When I first saw this cartoon, I recall feeing so grateful for living in a country that has the ability to report the news not the way any president would have them cover it but with facts that matter. I'm not saying any media always get it right.

But the reason this president has such contempt for the media is because he 24/7 makes every attempt possible to manipulate the media to cover only stories he wants them to cover and how he wants them to cover them.

This is one thing the Founding Fathers got right. They knew someone might eventually come along who could potentially be a great enough threat to our democracy that the free press (as well as the checks and balances of the three branches of government) would be needed to push back against the threat.

A free press was meant by our Founding Fathers to challenge government, to report who's getting the people's work wrong and why. The free press was never meant to be any president's friend, but rather to report the facts – even when people in power don't like it.

It is essential that all good American's support the free press if they truly love this country.

Brush up on your American history, especially around the time our forefathers fought for independence and especially why it was so important for them to include the free press in the greatest document of all, the Constitution. It wasn't by happenstance.

David Williams


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