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Tuesday, June 30, 2020 1:00 am


Electoral shaming reflects poorly on GOP

As someone who has known Joe Townsend for a few years, I can tell you that his conservatism is true, and Brandon Seifert should be ashamed of himself (“Party problems,” June 18). I am used to seeing these antics from Seifert.

During the primary, he used his Facebook page to spin me as a drug addict because I didn't support his chosen candidate for Congress. Seifert wants to try to bully people to agree with him. He chose to attack Townsend because of Townsend's lack of support for Taylor Vanover for a City Council seat.

How many Allen County Republicans supported Democrats in election races? Townsend did not support a Democrat, but he wasn't going to support a Republican who acted like a Democrat.

I do not blame Townsend for standing up for his principles. And the rest of the Huntertown Town Council and residents of Huntertown should be ashamed by the actions of Seifert because not only did he represent himself with his childish actions, he represented all of them.

Gary Eppenbaugh


COVID-19 concerns demand mail-in balloting

With cases of COVID-19 infection rising, not only in Indiana but in many other states, it appears the risk of continuing spread is likely to continue leading up to Election Day Nov. 3. I believe it is unconscionable that Indiana Secretary of State Connie Lawson has not put into place an actionable plan to convert to an all mail-in election or at least make it an option for voters.

We need everyone, of all political persuasions, to be able to vote without fear of becoming infected.

Recently, President Donald Trump tweeted: “When there is a large voter turnout, Republicans lose.” He, along with a majority of Republicans greatly fear states converting to an all mail-in election for that reason.

Trump also believes mail-in voting causes widespread voter fraud, even though every survey indicates no such thing occurs.

Remember that in the 2018 midterm election North Carolina experienced a massive case of voter fraud perpetrated for the benefit of a Republican candidate in the Ninth District. A GOP operative (although perhaps without the candidate's knowledge) tampered with absentee ballots. That fraud was quickly discovered and resulted in a new election.

We need to have the secretary of state put forth a plan to convert to an all mail-in ballot for the upcoming election, or at a minimum give voters the choice of having the opportunity to vote by mail without needing an excuse.

Contact Lawson at or 317-232-6532. Let her know we deserve the option of being able to mail in our ballots for the upcoming election for our safety and well-being.

John M. Watson

Fort Wayne

But in Brown's defense ...

I live in the 4th County Council district. I believe that Larry Brown's comments have been misunderstood and misrepresented in the media.

Clearly his statements about undereducated breeders were not directed at poor African American voters in the city of Fort Wayne. Obviously, he was referring to the voters who elected him to office. I see no other explanation of why he would have been elected to this position.

He has said he is not a racist. He would hire women (enlightened), gays (accepting) and he believes in Jesus and Pedro and Juan. Where do we find these people?

Also, a special shout out to our former sheriff, Ken Fries, for laughing at Brown's comments. When the statements are offensive, you should be offended, not amused.

Robert Veiga

Fort Wayne

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