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Friday, May 22, 2020 1:00 am


Rhoades' service reflects family values

I wanted to weigh in on a man I have known for over 30 years to be a great father, leader, and a man of great fortitude, Thomas Rhoades. Tom and I were raised in different neighborhoods, but the mutual passion to serve and provide service to others before self caused our paths to cross.

I have watched Tom lead in many capacities in the Fort Wayne Police Department and in the community. I recall when we were mentoring and coaching youth in the Drug Abuse Resistance Education program, and we were exposing inner-city youth to activities that promoted skill-building, confidence and self-esteem. There was an African American youth who was having problems in his home, and he needed someone to talk to. As the adult chaperones were occupied, Tom stopped what he was doing and, after approaching the young man, did something that is kind of a lost art in today's society – he listened.

As I watched, the young man poured out his heart and troubles; it soon turned into an emotional cry for help. Tom consoled the young man as a father would.

One thing I know is that you can trust Thomas Rhoades to stand up for your family values. And if you ever have a troubled child, let them talk with Tom!

Kevin Corey


Menards' responsibility gains store a fan

My husband and I went vegetable shopping for our garden, and we happened upon Menards. We donned our protective ritual of gloves and masks in the truck then walked carefully into the outdoor garden area, keeping a six-foot distance from other shoppers as much as possible.

It slowly dawned on us this was the first store where everyone had on a mask, all employees and shoppers.

Admittedly, we walked obliviously right past the sign at the entrance stating that this policy is mandatory. Thank you, Menards. Your mandatory mask policy demonstrates you are more concerned about the safety of your employees and shoppers than worried about potentially losing a few customers. Being a socially responsible store has gained you one dedicated shopper, and I am pleased to share this with the rest of our socially responsible community.

Valerie O'Brien

Fort Wayne

Unfair accusation leveled at Banks

Rep. Jim Banks has been appointed to a task force to investigate China's responsibility in the COVID-19 pandemic. David Lindquist (Letters, May 16) has called Banks a racist because a May 10 email from the congressman included a photo which suggests (Lindquist's word) it is of San Francisco's Chinatown. The photo includes a car with a California license plate. Thus, according to Lindquist, Banks is a racist.

Is it fair to base such a bold statement on a photo? Has Lindquist ever had conversations with Banks to really know his views on cultural diversity?

Nowhere in the email does Banks say that Americans of Chinese heritage are responsible for the pandemic. What is said however is: “We can't let the Chinese Communist Party profit from a pandemic of their own making.”

Put your race card back in the deck. It doesn't play on the table of fairness.

Linda J. Kirby

Fort Wayne



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