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Tuesday, May 19, 2020 1:00 am


Greatness, lack of unity seem incompatible

I have a couple of questions and I would like honest, sincere answers from an historical perspective. I'm not talking about party-line talking points laced with an insult here and there. I'm talking about a reflective, thoughtful, intelligent perspective I can respect and believe in.

First let me say there are things I agree on with the president and things I don't. I think independently and I vote independently.

The one thing I can never agree with no matter who the president is, is if he conducts the affairs of our nation in a constant state of divisive warfare. Our president should always seek to bring us together for the greater good, especially during times of crisis.

That said, can anyone explain a time in our history when we were truly great when we were so divided? I know I can't. I'm really surprised we are still willing to agree on which side of the street to drive on. As I recall, the last time we were so divided it led to the Civil War. I don't think there was much great about that.

So how about it? What's so great about a leader who spends nearly every moment of his presidency dividing us, pitting family member against family member, church against church and neighbor against neighbor.

If this is what passes for great these days, then we've fallen a great deal farther than the Founding Fathers could have ever imagined.

David Williams


Coroner touts predecessor

Dr. Jon Brandenberger served as coroner in Allen County for 12 years. He has been one of my deputy coroners for the past eight years. Add those 20 years to the time he was deputy coroner for Dr. Phillip O'Shaughnessy, and you will see that Brandenbergr is the obvious choice to serve the people of Allen County.

Dr. Craig Nelson

Allen County coroner

Magiera, Marcano reflect real choice for district

There are two real choices in the 3rd District primary, and there are also two sides of the same coin. If you would like a clear choice in November, vote for Democrat Carlos Marcano, Jr. or Republican Dr. Chris Magiera.

The fact that The Journal Gazette supports incumbent Rep. Jim Banks and Democrat Chip Coldiron means you will have no choice at all. Banks clearly supports the status quo of Congress. Coldiron represents tepid reform, at best.

Marcano and Magiera represent fundamental shifts in the philosophy of our current government.

Magiera speaks as a strict constitutionalist and a laissez faire capitalist. Although Congress has no ability to effect it, he is anti-choice. He believes in radical restriction of federal constraints and empowering states' rights. His website home page declares: “I am pro-life, will defend the Second Amendment, and vote to protect our borders.” I respect his integrity as a constitutionalist. Although I am not a strict constitutionalist, I find his candor refreshing.

Marcano approaches government from a more pragmatic perspective. Carlos believes the federal government plays an integral role in the lives of American citizens. As such, he supports Medicare for all, workers' rights, rooting out corruption and democratic socialist reforms that would support and embolden the American working class. This is the reform I choose.

These two choices are clear. Magiera emphatically supports constitutionalism, deregulation and each state's ability to decide its own course. Marcano believes we are one country and one people, and need to move forward together.

In November, these two candidates will allow us to make a decisive choice in the direction of our federal government.

Patrick Massonne

Fort Wayne


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