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Monday, May 18, 2020 1:00 am


Investigate candidates before making choice

On June 2, Hoosier voters will cast their ballots in primary races. There is a significant race for the House. Incumbent Jim Banks is being challenged by Dr. Chris Magiera for the Republican nomination for the 3rd Congressional District.

While Banks looks the part and repeats generic conservative talking points, he also has been completely missing in action on the most critical issue of the day: immigration and border security. He mostly seems interested in spending more money on the military and leaving our armed forces in an unwinnable war in Afghanistan indefinitely.

Don't believe the primary election is a foregone conclusion. We have a choice. We can vote for the status quo represented by Banks or we can elect someone who will represent us by strictly adhering to the Constitution and founding principles of the United States by nominating Magiera.

However you choose to vote, you owe it to yourself to investigate what both candidates stand for before deciding whom you will support.

This has been an unprecedented year in American history. In spite of COVID-19, we still have an important election in November. You have a choice. Make your choice an informed one.

Arthur Sido


Promenade Park prom is just a lovely vision

Every now and then, the stars align and dreams come true; memories are born that are treasured till the end of life.

This summer we have the good fortune to actualize one of the most beautiful events ever to grace our fair city. We have the singular opportunity to host the First Intercity High School Prom at the brand-new Promenade Park. Optimistically scheduled at the end of July, this sentimental dance, sorely missed in April, will be a celebration of fun, friendship and freedom; an opportunity to be a princess in a glamorous gown or prince charming in a dark tux; a last chance for high school romance; a farewell to youth.

There's so much for them to do, so much to see and so little time at our city parks' jewel – this magic ends at 11. And so they sample its offerings: music and dancing in the band shell or at the pavilion, a riverboat cruise on the Sweet Breeze, a dreamy walk through the tree-top canopy, a long-remembered pause on the old Wells Street bridge.

And the next day, like a pebble in a pond, reflections of this spectacular starry evening ripple across our community, making us all envious and proud. Oh, and one more thing (from a more practical perspective in these difficult times), businesses will clamor for the chance to sponsor the “Prom at Promenade Park,” a boon for upscale restaurants, tux shops, florists, salons, photographers and local news coverage.

But, alas, no “Prom at Promenade Park” this season. The virus loiters, our parks department is short-staffed and legitimately overwhelmed, and a more commercial “Prom in the City” at the Coliseum has been confirmed. But dreams do come true. Maybe next year.

Connie Kovas Moreno

Fort Wayne

Higher education aid is merely a start

Public higher education faces the same difficulties from the pandemic that confront other institutions.

More than 12 million students attend college, while millions more faculty and staff provide essential services. Given that education is a vital public resource, essential to the full functioning of a democratic society, Congress should provide sufficient funds to support students, academic programs and university infrastructure.

The $14 billion in assistance for 4,000 colleges is appreciated but does not cover the basic survival of our public universities, which are estimated to need at least $50 billion by the American Council on Education.

Lee Artz




Letters deadline

Letters related to the June 2 primary election must be received by noon on Friday to be considered for publication. 

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