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Wednesday, March 25, 2020 1:00 am


Trump's victories are all his own

I'm tired of seeing the same old distorted rhetoric about how Donald Trump inherited President Obama's “booming” economy as in Daniel Couture's March 13 letter.

Wage growth has been monumental under Trump. Goods produced accelerated sharply when Trump took office (there was an uptick toward the end of Obama's service) and it is still strong.

Small business success has improved greatly as a result of Trump's leadership.

Trade wars and some actions cast a shadow on Trump's successes, but record-low unemployment — even in African American and Hispanic employment — speaks for itself.

One might ask whether the economic upsurge benefits those in the high-dollar income range, and the answer is likely “yes.” But remember, they're the ones who invest and provide capital for other ventures. 

As to Trump's “lack of morals” (the statement is unfounded) and supposed lack of patriotism: I find him fully supportive of life itself. He was no angel when elected and he would agree with that, but his moral stance has given courage to many. As a patriot, he has supported and undergirded us veterans to the nth degree. He has recharged our military and is supported by followers who are not wearing masks to hide their identity nor does he have supporters who support on-street violence. Those of us who support him pray and wish him well and support him legally.

Richard Baker

New Haven 

Words of leadership

Now is not the time for using hateful words such as the “Chinese” virus. It's the coronavirus. That  implies the Chinese people are responsible. President Trump has to stop this and try to be the leader he says he is.

Cindy Mack


Leadership of many fills in void at the top

As someone older than 60, I take the president's lies and incompetence about COVID-19 personally because I am in the most at-risk group — just as I do his efforts to use the pandemic to defund Social Security and Medicare by eliminating payroll taxes.

If we avoid Italy's fate, it will be because of state, local and business leaders of all political parties who have stepped up to fill the leadership void left by the president and his enablers. The president's lies are continuing to undermine the efforts of those leaders to mitigate the pandemic by their effect on his loyal supporters. Those supporters plainly believe COVID-19 is a Democratic hoax, just like the president has claimed. There is no other explanation for people's obliviousness to the concept of “social distancing,” which is the very reason crowds have been banned and schools shuttered.

If you are waiting in a line, keep six feet between you and the person in front of you because either of you could have the virus, be contagious and not yet have symptoms. It would also make sense for businesses that remain open to post signs explaining social distancing where lines form. Leaving six feet between people will not increase the time it takes to get to the front and it just might save your or a loved one's life.

Then, too, if the president would explain this to the country rather than patting himself on the back for a job poorly done and passing the buck, it might save a lot of lives and even help him politically.

Terry Nilles

Fort Wayne

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