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Monday, March 23, 2020 1:00 am


Avoid mistakes of 2008 in new stimulus package

Will Congress allow a Wall Street money grab to dominate the 2020 economic stimulus?

Any stimulus package should be designed to help the truly needy and avoid augmenting well-off corporations and individuals.

To that I end, I suggest the following as initial – but not final – features of any economic stimulus:

1. Not supplementing businesses that have imprudent business practices:

• Stimuli for businesses must be low/no interest, long-term loans, not free money.

• Corporations that purchased treasury stock (stock buybacks) during the past two years will have their stimulus reduced by the amount used to buy back stock during the past 24 months.

• Corporations that pay any wage earner more than $250,000 annually will have their stimulus reduced accordingly (formula to be determined, such as corporations that receive a stimulus must immediately reduce high-wage earner salaries by 10% and that cut must remain in place for at least six months).

2. Grants, not loans, to those who will be affected by reduced earnings of low-income families:

• Homeowners and landlords in enterprise zones receive an additional stimulus.

• Enterprise zones enlarged by an additional geographic radius, such as adding contiguous ZIP codes to existing zones.

Above all, the 2020 stimulus must not be a repeat of 2008 when Wall Street got bailed out and Main Street was neglected.

Kenneth Athon

Fort Wayne

Kindness in an emergency

On Feb. 29, I experienced a fall at Joann Shopping Plaza. Because of the injury, I don't remember but I learned a lady was with me until EMS arrived. She called my son and let him know I was hurt and being transported to the hospital. We regret we do not have her name but our hope is she will see this expression of our thanks for her kindness.

Patty Saylor

Fort Wayne

Coldiron's character will carry him

This year's election is one of the most important in recent memory. Are we going to continue with polarized government by insult, or are we going to pursue a government of sensible compromise and cooperation? Here in northeast Indiana, we have a stark choice between continuing with ultraconservative Jim Banks or perhaps pursuing the middle path where most of us live and work.

I am voting for the middle way and that is why I am voting for Democrat Chip Coldiron. I first met Chip when I coached his 7th grade football team. I watched with interest as he grew in wit and character through his high school years. After high school, he played football at Saint Francis and then earned degrees in biology, economics and political science from Indiana University. While there, Chip worked at Parkview Hospital and Bloomington Hospital, taking care of sick people and learning firsthand about some of the issues plaguing the American health care system.

In 2005, Chip enlisted in the Army, where he served for five years plus an additional three years in the reserves. Chip deployed twice to Afghanistan in an active combat role. After returning, Chip again entered IU, where he earned a master of education degree in 2012. Since 2012, Chip has been a full-time educator, first at Edgewood High School near Indianapolis then joining me at Norwell High School north of Bluffton.

During Chip's 22 years of public service, he has worked with people of every possible background. He has a heart for people and a desire to promote peace and prosperity for the constituents of the3rd District. Chip will work across the aisle to pass legislation that will benefit the working men and women of northeast Indiana. If elected, Chip, along with his wife Candis and their 3-year-old son Cayden, will represent the Hoosier state with strength, character and a keen sense of duty.

Mark Weinert

Fort Wayne 

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