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Tuesday, February 11, 2020 1:00 am


Catching up on reading and sharing sentiments

I just returned from a visit with my daughter in San Francisco. I've been getting caught up on all my Journal Gazettes – a ton of interesting and informative articles.

Regarding the Jan 23 letter “Coherency too much to expect from Trump,” it's apparent the “reader” is “coherent.” The word “Trump” was used 11 times in seven paragraphs. Maybe some sort of hobby in the future?

The front-page headline on Feb. 1, “Trump acquittal just formality,” really stood out. But unless I missed it, I don't remember seeing a front-page headline: “Trump impeachment just formality.”

As a Vietnam Marine veteran of the early 1960s, I wish to thank you for choosing my “brother” Beecher Hines' monthly Golden Pen Award letter for the honor of Letter of the Year.

My younger brother, now living in Maine, was a graduate of Central High School in 1969. I asked him awhile back if he knew Moses Haywood. He did and shared that they were friends.

He said Moses was just a fun-loving, witty guy and he was so saddened by his demise.

Billie Johnson

Fort Wayne

State of the Union was a horror show

The State of the Union address was emotionally defeating for me and I suspect for many others. I went to bed and had a nightmare.

Triumphal Trump stuck it to his base and how he has sealed his House and Senate followers behooves me. He exploited minorities by singling out Hispanics, African Americans and military personnel whom ironically he has been oppressing since he took office. Shame, shame!

Then came the crescendo, Rush Limbaugh, notorious for his divisive rhetoric, was crowned with the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Are you kidding? My God! Just what have we become?

Tony Henry

 Fort Wayne

Henry focus on downtown sells out the south side

Having grown up in Fort Wayne, I was always proud to call Fort Wayne home. But after Tom Henry's three-plus terms of being mayor, I can only have thoughts and prayers for the people who live on the south side of Fort Wayne.

For years, all you hear about is how great downtown Fort Wayne has come alive and how great Henry's legacy will be.

Well, I and a lot of other people and friends who live on the south side would beg to differ. All we see is corporate greed taking over the city, and the big shots with money lying to the people of Fort Wayne on TV.

How great the city is doing: they must be talking about the city of downtown because nobody believes a word they say when all they do is spin the truth and sell the true city down the tubes.

How Henry got elected for one term, more or less four, is amazing.

Everybody knows his true legacy will be how he sold out for corporate greed and left the south side in shambles.

All we have to do is save the headlines of the newspaper for the past 10 years and people will think they live in Gary.

It's a shame people have to go to bed at night and worry about bullets coming through their houses. The best Henry could do for his legacy is let a real mayor who cares for the whole city come in and stop this nonsense and stop the double talk. We are all adults and know the truth.

No matter how Henry tries to spin the lies, the people on the south side deserve better and shouldn't have to live in fear. I wish him all the best and hope he can stop the corruption in his part of the city.

Paul Rowan


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