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Saturday, February 08, 2020 1:00 am


Senators swayed by totalitarian argument

Alan Dershowitz said: “If a president does something that he believes will help him get elected, in the public interest, that cannot be the kind of quid pro quo that results in impeachment.” It appears that our senators, Todd Young and Mike Braun, have been persuaded by that argument.

But I'm sure that Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong-Un, Xi Jinping, Tayyip Erdogan and Abdel el-Sisi all believe that their leadership is in the public interest and feel justified in doing whatever is required to remain in power. If our senators refuse to rebuke the president for violating the Impoundment Control Act and conspiring to violate campaign finance laws, they will take a giant step away from our democratic norms.

I had hoped they would find their missing patriotism, come to their senses and do the right thing.

Rich Kenefic


Trial outcome can't change fact of impeachment

According to the Constitution:

1) Impeachment is determined by the House.

2) The Senate trial determines whether the impeached president will be removed from office.

Acquittal of the president in the Senate trial only means the president will remain in office. It does not remove the fact that he is impeached. Andrew Johnson, William Clinton and Donald Trump are still impeached.

Sue Walstra

Fort Wayne

Halftime show set back respect for women

When I was growing up, I was taught to respect women (all people). In these times, I hear a lot about how women want to be respected.

Well, ladies, you sure fooled me with the halftime performance at the Super Bowl. J Lo and Shakira are considered role models for women. Tell me again how you hate to be thought of as a sex object when you have these ladies on stage spreading their legs wide open and rubbing their crotches. Real respectful. The only things missing during that performance were the pole dancing and the dollar bills.

Any decent women would be ashamed to tell their daughters these performers are “role models.” (Any respectful women, that is.)

Respect? Yeah, OK.

Jim Kofski

Fort Wayne

Tunneling traffickers outsmart border wall

It looks like the border fence goes the wrong direction. With billions of military money to erect a fence, we find the drug cartel is digging under.

According to a Jan. 30 article, a three-quarter mile tunnel with an extensive rail/cart system, forced-air ventilation, electricity, elevation and drainage “surprised the Border Patrol.”

That had to take a long time to dig and build, without detection. Who knows where else the dig continues. Does a fence going up really stop trafficking?

Shirley Korn

Fort Wayne

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