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Wednesday, January 15, 2020 1:00 am


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Refugee resettlement not what it appears

Concerning the Journal Gazette editorial “The Hoosier heart” of Jan 3: The movie “All the President's Men” popularized the phrase, “follow the money.” The phrase is operable with regard to the growing list of Republican governors signing on to refugee resettlement in their states in spite of Trump's executive order giving them the opportunity to opt out.

There's big money in refugee resettlement. States and volunteer organizations are lining up at the trough to get a share of the nearly unregulated federal largess being thrown away on refugee resettlement.

Catholic “Charities” is a scam. The “charity” gets over 60% of its funding from the federal government – 2.9 billion federal dollars in 2010. That's not a charity. That's a government wealth redistribution center.

Christian-based “charities” and churches receive the following compensation on average per refugee:

• From the U.S. State Department – $1,850, including children

• From the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services matching grant program – $2,200

And here's another little-advertised fact that the JG, Catholic “Charities” and the feds don't want to get out: It is 12 times more cost-effective to administer to refugees within the region that they originate.

If Catholic “Charities” were not a scam, they wouldn't be profiting by taking so much federal money, and the money that they did take would be spent in the most cost-effective manner possible – in the region from which these refugees originated.

Republican governors are useful – nay, make that useless – idiots in this drama. It's not a big heart that wastes so much money to resettle so few while so many more remain in danger and squalor – it's cruelty.

Doug Schumick

Fort Wayne

Let's teach children that revenge only spreads pain

I wish we could stop the culture of revenge. Revenge does not solve anything; it does not bring back to life the murdered or repair destroyed property – it does not make things “even.” It stirs up anger and hatred and leads to the loss of innocent lives and the destruction of relationships – it breeds sorrow and pain. It also leads to war.

It is by its nature perpetual, each side avenging the aggression leveled on them by the violence they have suffered previously. It has gone on since history began. Who knows who threw the first stone?

Of course there must be consequences for bad behaviors, for violence – but the consequences should be measured and appropriate in scope, and there should be lessons learned by the aggressor. And those consequences should not involve harming innocent people or destruction.

I know this sounds naive and overly simplistic, but if we are to keep from killing each other and making humankind extinct, we must start somewhere. We can begin by being kind to one another and teaching our children that revenge is wrong.

Elizabeth Wolf

Fort Wayne

Retail landscape barren

This is in regards to your Jan. 5 article about the change in retail shopping.

It doesn't surprise me when stores close. Their aisles are usually cluttered with merchandise and make the store look messy.

I was in a local department store last July when a lot of remodeling was being done in the women's department. Couldn't find a thing. Went this December, all the departments had been switched around and there were not as many places to pay. Plus, they have a lot of stuff called “Last Act” they are trying to get rid of. Who wants to look at summer clothes in December?

I always wonder who decides these changes. Probably men, who never shop!


Fort Wayne

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