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Tuesday, January 14, 2020 1:00 am


Indiana's Jewish leaders commit to fighting bigotry

The sad news of another attack on the Jewish community, most recently on the seventh night of Hanukkah at a rabbi's home in New York, leaves us anxious, sad, fatigued, and searching for a meaningful response.

The Indiana Board of Rabbis condemns all these acts of violence. We mourn those who were murdered and pray for the healing of the victims. IBOR affirms the unity among all Jews, regardless of level of observance, including orthodox, non-orthodox and secular. We are one people: am Yisra'eil.

IBOR also affirms our connection with the many faith communities of Indiana, and we commit to fighting bigotry in all forms. And while we recognize and support the need for increased security in our Jewish institutions, we continue to practice Judaism without fear, and are proud to work with our partners to promote tolerance, acceptance, civility and justice during the new year and new decade.

Rabbi Brian Besser


Rabbi Paula Jayne Winnig

Fort Wayne

on behalf of the Indiana Board of Rabbis

Trial gives Trump chance to put country before himself

This is in response to Judy Scheumann's Dec. 28 letter, “Democrats desperate to thwart Trump's agenda.” I must ask, what in the world is Trump's agenda? Other than benefiting Donald.

You stated that the Democrats should stop wasting money and time and get back to running our country. Have you taken time to check the facts? This Democratic House has passed more than 400 bills that have been sent to the Senate, and Mitch McConnell refuses to act on any of them. Trump is always saying “The do-nothings” – is he referring to the Republican Senate?

I was born during the Hoover administration and have lived through 15 presidents. Seven Republicans and seven Democrats each had different opinions on many subjects but always found common ground to achieve what was best for this country. But the 15th has no common ground for anything but Trump. This man has no concern for this great nation, one that I fought to defend during the Korean War, and he was not the least bit interested in defending the USA. He stated, I couldn't be in the Army because with my bone spur, I wouldn't be able to march. It doesn't seem to keep him off the golf course every day.

If he has a bone spur, it has to be between his ears. For any man to say and do the things Trump has done only intensifies my belief that we have a president with a problem.

This president has refused to cooperate with the House in its investigation about the Ukraine phone call. He refuses to testify or allow any of his White House staff to talk to Congress. In my 90-plus years, one thing I have become aware of is that an innocent person has nothing to hide and is willing to go to any length it to prove it.

Mr. Trump, are you willing to prove it? Will you talk to Congress, or let your staff testify to prove there is nothing the Democrats have on you? For once, do something that will benefit this great country. Be a smart man. I know this will be difficult for you, but for the good of our great country, please try.

Jackie D. Smith

Fort Wayne

Dave Barry's year in review welcome humor amid chaos

I appreciated your publishing Dave Barry's year in review column on Jan. 1. I've been a fan of Barry for years and I feel he is a national treasure.

The year 2019 was so chaotic and divisive and I believe laughter is healthy for the psyche and the soul. We have a hard year ahead of us with a very ugly election and the impeachment process, but you started our year off right with laughter. We need to start laughing at ourselves more and find a way that humor can be a bond for us all. Thank you very much!

And I want everyone to read Barry's latest book, “Lessons from Lucy,” to put our lives and relationships in the right perspective, with his delightful humor, of course.


Edgerton, Ohio

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