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Monday, January 13, 2020 1:00 am


Democrats not to blame for electoral inequities

So it is the “reckless Democrats” who endanger the electoral system? Need I remind Warren Mead (Letters, Jan. 2) that Republicans began impeachment talk as soon as Barack Obama was elected based first upon the false claim that he was not born in the U.S. and then continued with every other excuse they could think of. Republicans stole a Supreme Court seat from Obama, thereby negating the results of a “valid election.”

The Electoral College has served its purpose, one of which was some founders' fear that the public in the 18th century lacked the ability to be informed and could fall victim to a demagogue who would win their vote through promises that could not be kept. If 2016 taught us anything, this is it. In May 2019, a Wall Street Journal survey found that 53% of voters favored getting rid of the Electoral College while only 43% favored the status quo.

Mead speaks of the “basic tenets of our electoral process” that he fears Democrats are threatening, yet he neglects the most basic of all cherished aspects of our democracy, the concept of “one man, one vote.” Because of the Electoral College, my vote is weighted depending upon my state of residence. That is how we have a president who was elected with a minority of the popular vote. Did the votes cast in Indiana for Hilary Clinton count for anything? Did the votes cast for Donald Trump in New York count for anything? Is that what we want to say about our democratic system of government, that some votes count more than others and some don't count at all?

I'm not sure how Mead is going to blame this on the Democrats, but I suspect he will try.

George Bauman

Fort Wayne

Grateful for free lunch

My wife and I had lunch at Hall's Hollywood on Jan. 2. When it was time to pay, I was told it was paid for. Thank you.



Trump supporters' claims undercut by facts

The latest talking point of Trump supporters is that “impeachment is a bogus attempt to undo the results of the 2016 presidential election,” as expressed in these pages by Diane Jones (“President, legal citizens need legislative protection,” Letters, Jan. 4).

The many Trump supporters promoting this meme have completely – and conveniently – forgotten that it was Donald Trump himself who for most of the eight years of the Obama administration actively promoted the completely discredited claim that Barack Obama was born in Kenya and therefore both of his wins were illegitimate. And, by the way, Obama overwhelmingly won both the popular and the electoral vote in both of those elections.

Contrast that with Jones' assertion that Trump's election was “a referendum by the sovereign citizens of the United States.” Since Trump in fact lost the national popular vote by more than 3 million votes, it seems the “sovereign citizens” of this country elected Hillary Clinton in 2016, and it was the Electoral College that elected Trump. But to ideologues, facts are inconvenient things.

Pat Ashton

Fort Wayne

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