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Wednesday, January 08, 2020 1:00 am


Pence in no position to help unite country

In response to Gregory Jacobs' letter (“Pence's ascension will help nation heal,” Dec. 29), I note that Jacobs uses Pence's infamous quote, “I am a Christian, conservative, and Republican in that order.” Why has Pence never bothered to include “American”? Apparently, that's not who he is or wants to be. Why does he claim to simply be a Christian when, in reality, he's an autocratic, evangelical Christian? That quote is an excellent predictor of the restrictions and hate he will encourage against non-Christians and liberals or independents.

Jacobs states that Pence “will do more to bring closer together the deadlocked nation,” even as he enumerates Pence's flaws. All the failings he lists are extremely divisive and will in no way unite this country. Pence's secretive RFRA debacle is proof of his imperious desire to force his views of Christianity on the people, whether they like it or not. It's frightening to think of the pain he could inflict with his beliefs that only Christians of his ilk should matter and that refugees should always be turned away.

He's a company man for the NRA, bought and sold, so it's highly doubtful he'd make any meaningful contribution to resolving the mass shootings that have come to represent our country. 

Mike Pence – that godly “Christian” – has proved to be no better than Donald Trump in that he visibly supports Trump or quietly slinks away when Trump is at his worst. John Stuart Mill said: “Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing.” If Pence considers himself “good,” he's definitely part of the problem. He has given absolutely no reason to think he might actually repair the damage Trump has done to this country.

So I must firmly disagree with Jacobs' description of Pence as a “morally trustworthy and competent” leader. It's really time to look elsewhere.

Patricia G. Stahlhut

Fort Wayne


CHEERS to D.R. Murphy (Letters, Dec. 27) for the suggestions regarding term limits and voter registration. 

Joni Weber

Fort Wayne


Don't let corrupt Trump drag country down

I see many letter writers refer to the impeachment process as bogus or illegitimate. The fact is the impeachment run by the House was chapter and verse along constitutional lines following rules written years earlier by the Republican Congress when Bill Clinton was impeached.

I also see the impeachment framed as an attempt at undoing the 2016 election, calling that election a referendum by the American citizenry. The fact is that Donald Trump was elected by the Electoral College while falling some 3 million votes short in the popular vote.

The impeachment is now a fait accompli. The Senate trial has not yet happened, but the Republican senators, regardless of the oath they must take to be part of it, have already indicated that the verdict is in. This is unconscionable in any legal proceeding.

In the past few days, Trump has taken steps to possibly start a war with Iran, certainly making us less safe, as the final distraction from this impeachment. Americans will die, certainly on the battlefield and possibly elsewhere, to take our minds off the coming trial and its outcome.

As Trump and his criminal administration continue to pull our country down the rabbit hole of his corrupt presidency, we have but one final word in this matter. The election of 2020. Register and vote. Do not sit this one out.

Edward J. Frank

Fort Wayne

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