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Sunday, August 11, 2019 1:00 am

Letters to the editor

Horizon League move holds promise for PFW

Kudos to PFW Chancellor Ron Elsenbaumer, Athletic Director Kelley Hartley, men's basketball coach Jon Coffman and the entire team for Horizon League membership. This is a huge milestone and accomplishment for the campus as it steps up and seizes new opportunities as Purdue Fort Wayne.

The Horizon League means more prestigious competition, both academically and athletically, and will result in higher visibility of the athletic program, increased revenues to the program and campus, and more community support and attendance at games. A successful athletic program, as evidenced at many schools both large and small, also attracts more and more highly qualified students to both athletic and non-athletic programs.

During my five years working closely with Kelley Hartley, the coaches, staff and student athletes of the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics, I was continually impressed with the integrity exhibited, the high standards of conduct and good sportsmanship demanded of students and staff alike, and the emphasis on educating students about what it means to be a member of the team, to be good, respectful and contributing citizens. They were and are a class act! This upward move into the Horizon League is well deserved and a testament to the outstanding work of the department.

When discussions were first initiated with Horizon League Commissioner Jon LeCrone less than four years ago, it was unknown how long it would be before the invitation to become a member would be extended; some schools had waited almost a decade. A ton of work has been accomplished over these few years to bring league membership to fruition. Many congratulations to all and best wishes for a long and successful record of play and wins. Go Dons!

Vicky L. Carwein

chancellor emeritus

Purdue Fort Wayne

Nuclear powers must seek stable balance

Change is a constant that affects the nonstop flow of convergent and divergent competition in a global horde of spurious outgrowth and fragmenting resolve. Caught up in a struggle to bring balance and stabilization – while torn between revisionist powers, rogue states and transnational threat organizations – Great Power competition and nuclear strategy teeter between prosperity and security versus authoritarian behavior and contentious posturing, i.e., DPRK, Iran, China and Russia.

The challenge of these critical interests and cooperation encompasses a fragmenting resolve between proliferation and disarmament. In turn, this anomaly tears away at the fabric of framework goals, therefore demanding policy revision and multilateral commitment by tested compromise and compliance agreement.

While demands for market reach increase globally, time and distance shrink exponentially. This reality evolves priorities of independent states stretched to new limits in order to provide security and military readiness. As a result, multilateral compliance agreement has eroded due to neglect and outdated technology – producing a dangerous and distorted balance.

A responsible need for strategic focus calls for continuing resolve to bring about defense posture stabilization between nuclear states that would accommodate current threat levels and eliminate unrealistic stockpiling of outdated arsenals. In this way, it is possible to advance the overarching goals to inhibit the spread of nuclear weapons, revitalize mutual disarmament and safeguard peaceful use of nuclear technology.

Kenneth Wayne Merkle

Fort Wayne

House is plenty active; McConnell's the loafer

Bill Frohberg recently lamented the lack of productivity of our House of Representatives. In his Aug. 1 letter, he described our “do-nothing House” (which mirrors the language used by our president and was subsequently repeated by many of his supporters).

Instead of believing the lies of our president and those who choose to enable him, I urge Mr. Frohberg and all other citizens to instead seek the truth. And yes, our president usually lies. As much as I hate to say it, this is painfully well-documented, and his description of the House “doing nothing” is but one of literally thousands of examples.

When I last checked, in May there were 49 bills which had been passed by the House this session. Our House members are hardly “doing nothing.” However, for a bill to become a law, it must pass in both the House and Senate (and then be signed by the president). These 49 bills passed by the House are dying in the Senate because Republican Majority Leader Mitch McConnell won't allow them to come up for a vote (unfortunately, he has the power to block legislative efforts of the House).

I urge Mr. Frohberg and other citizens to go directly to for specific and readily available information about all legislative action happening in our U.S. legislature. And comparable information is available about our state legislature at

And then I urge you to reflect on whether McConnell is doing his job as envisioned by our founders. I don't. Although I can't vote in Kentucky for Amy McGrath, the former Marine fighter pilot who is running against him, I will certainly vote against those Republican candidates in Indiana who continue to kowtow and grovel to McConnell rather than standing up to represent Hoosiers appropriately and thoughtfully. I hope you will, too.

Peg Maginn

Fort Wayne

Congress: Get to work, show courage on guns

Let's stop the name calling and finger pointing. Let's demand that our members of Congress return from their five-week recess and immediately begin work on banning assault-type weapons in this nation. When angry, hate-filled individuals have ready access to these types of weapons, which can kill and maim innocents in minutes, you have a lethal, tragic situation.

Leaders of Congress can return to Washington immediately and get this done. Show moral courage by denying the leadership of the NRA and do what is right for the good of all who live here. And if congressional leaders don't have the courage to start this process, then, Mr. Trump, you have the executive power to call Congress back for an emergency session.

All of our elected members need to show moral leadership and not just “thoughts and prayers “

Vicki Kuker

Fort Wayne

College TV essential service to community

College TV Fort Wayne (CTV) at Purdue Fort Wayne has been a cherished provider of local college programming serving the region via Comcast channel 5 for decades. In late June, this important resource was suddenly and unexpectedly canceled; four staff members lost their positions without notice.

No plan appears to be in place for how to address the needs that this station fulfilled, in particular how to continue to broadcast and replay from the archives previously recorded events that serve the interests of this region.

Since the mission of PFW is to serve the educational and cultural interests of northeast Indiana as a metropolitan university, it is puzzling why CTV was removed. The station had been positioned as part of PFW's marketing and communications arm, but at the same time, it was originally intended to cooperate with other local higher education institutions as part of a long-standing college cable access consortium.

While this consortium agreement has been less than perfect, it is clear that the community cares deeply about CTV. To reduce its value to simply a tool for advertising PFW is a serious mistake, one that reflects an ignorance of the deep roots that CTV has established, along with a remarkable legacy of archives that must be preserved and accessible to everyone.

Since the PFW administration seems not to understand or appreciate just how much the people of this region care about educational programming coming from their premiere institution of higher education, I encourage readers to write directly to Chancellor Ronald Elsenbaumer and Vice Chancellor Jerry Lewis to inform them that we do, in fact, care and that we do want this resource to continue in its fullest capacity of providing coverage of college campus programming and other educational offerings such as NASA TV.

Their email addresses are and

You may also wish to sign and comment on a petition at

Mary Ann Cain

Fort Wayne

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