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Saturday, August 10, 2019 1:00 am


Taking offense at the past drags down the present

I have read several letters recently regarding white privilege and racism because of Caucasians. The talking points are almost straight out of the 1960s and prior. There is very little still relevant today, yet the liberals perpetuate the hate and turmoil and incense.

Don't get me wrong, I feel very bad for how non-white races were treated. America has made great strides since the '60s, and we continue to evolve as all things do.

But it angers me to be the subject of blame for wrongdoings I did not commit. Wrongdoings that no one in my living family committed. Wrongdoings that an entire race is getting blamed for, which in and of itself is nonsensical. In my book, you can call that racism, too.

Let's just stop. All the blame in the world does not rewrite history. And not all white people were bad and not all black people were slaves. Some blacks were slave owners. Where's the outrage at that? How can people place blame on people who weren't even alive then?

Our society has become a whining, sniveling, over-sensitive bunch of babies who complain that everything offends them. Increasingly, we are a nation of crybabies who have been raised on social promotion instead of merit; getting trophies just for showing up; with soft pliable minds that don't even know what critical thinking means.

Soon, our generations will be gone, and our great country will be left in the hands of those who mean more harm than good. What will remain are those who will forever be agitating the masses instead of uniting. Entire races will be castigated in the name of racism. Of all the irony!

Many things have changed over the course of my lifetime. I never imagined disrespecting America would be such an enjoyable pastime. I couldn't have dreamed that this great nation and her loyal citizens would be attacked from within. How could I have known that there would be a burgeoning movement to bestow more rights to criminals and illegal aliens than would be given to us? The country my father fought for is becoming a place he wouldn't recognize.

Pick your America. My America isn't perfect, but it's the best damn place on Earth!

Jacqueline St. John

Fort Wayne

Patti Hays a strong choice for City Council 4th District

As election season approaches, it is ever-more critical we remember what our community needs from local elected officials.

Patti Hays is running for Fort Wayne City Council's 4th District, and never have I known a more trustworthy, community-minded leader. I've seen Patti reach out to individuals from all backgrounds with a genuine interest in learning about their hopes, dreams and struggles. She cares about the issues people face, and more importantly, wants to help (and I know she will deliver).

Patti is serious about making the communities of District 4, and ultimately the entire city, a better place to live, work and visit. Don't settle when it comes to local representation in City Council – vote Patti Hays in November.

Heather Barth


CHEERS to the angel working at LongHorn Steak House. She is on the wait staff and wears invisible wings.

Thinking my house remote had fallen to the floor, I asked our angel, Brittainy, for assistance. She ran to get her cellphone with a light, but it wasn't to be found. She did have me write down my name and phone number in case they found it.

Then, back at the car, our driver accidentally dropped the car keys under the seat where they could not be reached. Brittainy was summoned to help. Sure enough, she popped them right out. Thank you Brittainy E., our angel.

Incidentally, my remote was found in the car.



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