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Thursday, August 08, 2019 1:00 am


Customer service difficult without a computer

Since my life is very full and busy, I choose not to have a computer. However, because of my choice, along with many many other seniors, I believe we are being discriminated against.

Many businesses do not give us the option to make a simple call to receive information. We often get an automated voice telling us to “go online,” or we are told to punch a number for what we are calling about. Sometimes, these numbers do not apply to our concern. Then, “goodbye” and the call is over. How frustrating!

It is not a law that everyone owns a computer and does their business online. In my opinion, this is not good business practice. I am sure that many non-computer owners feel this is a form of discrimination.


Fort Wayne

Letter on nation's racism deserves Golden Pen

I know that the decision to award the Golden Pen is made by your editorial board, but I want to cast a vote.

On July 31, The Journal Gazette published an eye-opening letter from Emily Mossoian: “It's time for change in nation built on racism.” It is well-researched and should be a call to action for each of us.

I want to cast my vote for Emily's letter, and I hope the committee agrees. If not, in my determination, Emily, you have earned the award! Good job. Thank you, Emily!

Kathleen Kearns

Fort Wayne

Community taking stand on treatment of migrants

On July 12, Fort Wayne, with many other cities across the nation, spoke, performed, lit candles and stood in silence, mourning and condemning the inhumane treatment of immigrants being held in detention camps.

We mourned for children and parents being held apart from each other in separate cells, due to the president and his administration enforcing the “zero tolerance” policy in 2018. Many are being held past the 72 hours the law allows as punishment for coming to our country. Most of them are seeking asylum, which isn't even illegal.

These children are not only without soap, toothbrushes and warm blankets; they are without unconditional love and proper nurturing. Imagine traveling from Honduras or Guatemala, seeking asylum in supposedly “the greatest country in the world,” and being denied soap?

Following the Lights for Liberty event, many concerned citizens met with Mike Braun's and Todd Young's offices to express our concern regarding these inhumane detention centers. We also asked that the senators commit to holding the Department of Health and Human Services accountable for distributing the funding that was voted on in late June, to make sure the children have access to basic amenities.

Our goal is to keep our outrage and momentum strong. This isn't about party or policy; it's about the human race. If anyone is reading this and is feeling appalled by the cruel manner in which immigrants are being treated, get involved. Write or call your congressman; host a vigil, protest or donate. Find Lights for Liberty on Facebook to get involved.

Amy Brooks-Brehmer

Fort Wayne

Treatment of cardiologist called for hospital switch

Dr. Kent Farnsworth was my primary care doctor since I moved to this area six years ago. Lutheran Hospital's shabby treatment of him and its inability to retain specialists, e.g., cardiologists, is the reason my husband and I now have Parkview physicians.

I hope either Parkview or IU are astute enough to hire Dr. Farnsworth when his non-compete clause expires.

Sandra L. Ritchie


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