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Sunday, August 04, 2019 1:00 am

Letters to the editor

Private trash collection is a terrible idea

The Fort Wayne City Council motion (on privatized trash collection) I read about July 25 is one of the worst ideas I have ever heard.

The writer mentioned two important concerns:

1) The additional damage to streets and alleys by having numerous trucks collecting; and

2) The fact that some folks will not pay any company to pick up their garbage, but will either sneak it into others' bins or dump it outdoors.

Those are both sufficient reasons to kill this ill-advised concept.

Furthermore, I believe that failure to recycle is inexcusable when it is already paid for through our monthly fee and as easy as putting out the trash. To discourage recycling is a serious error for many reasons – not just “environmental consciousness.” 

Also, the recent letter indicating a lack of concern for how much time the drivers must waste when people do not set their bins out correctly (and not overflowing) was not at all helpful.

If the drivers are to complete their routes, they need our reasonable effort to do our part correctly.

Furthermore, if one is recycling properly, he ought not have more than 96 gallons of garbage per week.

James R. Crouse

Fort Wayne

Trump's performance making plenty unhappy

Now Donald Trump is telling people who are unhappy here in America to leave America.

Trump advisers are telling him to focus on the stock market and jobs numbers. Barack Obama had to deal with the financial crisis. The stock market and jobs numbers are an extension of the outstanding performance of Obama to avoid a worldwide financial crisis.

Trump is trying to take full credit for the stock market and jobs numbers, even though he had absolutely nothing to do with avoiding what would have been a total disaster here in America.

Trump has no respect for our Constitution. No respect for our laws. No respect for our courts. No respect for our Congress. No respect for our political system. And clearly no respect for the office he holds. That's sad.

Trump claims there was no collusion. No obstruction of justice. Recently he told different members of his administration that they were not to appear before any of these House investigating committees. I don't know if that is “obstruction of justice,” but it's obstruction of something.

The question is who is supposed to leave the country – the people who are unhappy here or the people who are making them unhappy?

I still am against impeachment. But I must admit that I thought he should have been removed from office when he passed the 10,000-lie mark.

Curtis J. Ransom


Our suffering prolonged as facts come to light

The American people witnessed both a significant and tragic turn of events in Washington, D.C., on July 24.

For on that day an honorable man stood before two congressional panels and spoke of the basic truths his two-year investigation had found.

To be certain, the Democratic approach to his testimony was to deal in terms of the facts discovered during the course of the investigation; whereas, in large part, Republican members, tasked with defending the president, dealt in large part with question of process.

Throughout all of it, Robert Mueller displayed the integrity and honor that have stood as hallmarks of the career of a dedicated public servant.

Though reluctantly stepping forth for public testimony, the former FBI director and special counsel faithfully carried out his solemn obligation before members of Congress and ultimately kept faith with the American people.

What is sad and tragic about this matter is that the American people – far removed from the history of Watergate, and jaded and desensitized by subsequent decades of political scandal – are now largely complacent and indifferent to the constitutional and institutional challenges born of the Mueller investigation.

The Democrats in large part succeeded in bringing forth facts surrounding obstruction, and Republicans greatly accomplished the task of defending the indefensible amid public discussion of the facts.

In the wake of this, a nation, in homage to its Constitution and the cherished institutions born and framed from within, shall now continue to suffer.

Kevin Krajewski

Fort Wayne

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