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Monday, July 22, 2019 1:00 am


We all must demand better for detainees

Recently, controversy has taken over the United States about the conditions in immigrant detention centers. Stricter regulations are needed to control the inhumane conditions in which detainees are currently living.

Every person, a detainee or citizen, should be granted access to basic human rights. These rights include access to legal representation, water, food and sanitary conditions in which to live.

The current public enlightenment on this issue should help toward forcing the government to make the stricter regulations immigrant detention centers should be following. I also urge The Journal Gazette, Indiana's House representatives (including Jim Banks), Sen. Todd Young and Sen. Mike Braun, as well as our President Donald Trump, to take notice and action on the conditions in which our government is letting people live.

Chelsea Wolfe

Fort Wayne 

Writer misunderstands Supreme Court's role

Let's fact check James Schmelzer's letter (“Census ruling leaves reader 'sadly ashamed,' ” July 11).

Schmelzer says he has traveled to many foreign countries and never filled out a census form in those countries. There is a huge difference between visiting a country and living in a country. That is like comparing a watermelon to a lime. Both are fruit and both are green, nothing more.

Schmelzer obviously didn't read the article on how a citizenship question could seriously affect Fort Wayne Community Schools by undercounting and thus creating a $1,000 loss in federal funds per student per year. Which would mean a $10,000 loss per student until the next census. This, of course, would have to be made up by the city and state, meaning higher city and state taxes on homeowners, sales and various other means to make up the difference. Schmelzer doesn't tell us how he would overcome these issues.

Schmelzer also doesn't understand that the 3rd District might come into play with an undercount stripping the area of our representative. This would mean grouping districts together and possibly losing our voice. Not to say we would also lose clout in the Electoral College.

Another point is that immigrants (or whatever you prefer to call them) work in most cases – paying taxes which do flow back into the economy through purchases – usually much harder than most Americans. When they do gain citizenship, that work ethic stays with them. All you have to do is live in a large, diverse community, as I have in New York City.

It is sad that someone would be ashamed of the Supreme Court, obviously not understanding they are in place to litigate laws. Let me tell you what I am ashamed of: individuals who constantly peddle “fake” news and “alternative” facts. These are the true enemies of the people.

Thom Bauer

Fort Wayne

Can the president really be so bad?

I wonder why I have never seen a paper, including The Journal Gazette, have anything positive to say about our President Trump. I cannot believe that after all this time everything has been negative. I would like to meet him personally because I have never met a person who can be that bad. How did we ever elect someone so bad with everything?

Ralph Klinker


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